Booklets, Notebooks and Diaries


The SynTax catalogue is produced as an A5 spiral bound booklet. Booklets can also be folded and stapled but this isn’t recommended for large booklets; spiral bound booklets lie flatter. The covers use text-weight paper for folded booklets, card-weight for spiral bound booklets.

A4 booklets can also be designed. These can be either landscape or portrait in layout.

There is a design/layout fee per booklet, then the price is calculated as for leaflets with the addition of a small charge for the actual binding. Give me a call if you want me to calculate the price for a particular booklet.. Booklets with identical sheets (eg order forms) are cheaper - if it’s one I can adapt and add to the range, I won’t charge a design fee and in certain circumstances will print just a single booklet at a reduced price! See the cat and dog sections for litter record books and other specific to their needs.

I can also design and print course manuals, books etc – please ask for details and prices.

Design Work

Per book





Each double-sided inner sheet of 4 sides


Spiral binding


Printing of inner pages (per 100 A4 double sided)


Printing of inner pages (per 100 A5 double sided)



Basic design and specifications as above, A4 or A5 size.

A5 – 50 Pages


A4 – 50 Pages



Cover in any card weight, spiral bound, A5 or A4 size. The A5 size is designed for brief notes and arranged as one page per week. The A4 size also has one pages per week but has more flexibility in terms of the space allowed. Small graphics on each page. Your choice of details on the cover. See below for a sample A5 page from a cat breeder's diary. These are usually created individually with your choice of graphics.