Stationery for Cat Breeders

These pages are specifically for cat breeders, covering products more specific to your needs as well as the general ones like letterheads and business cards. It includes pedigree certificates and split pedigree breeding planner books, kitten sale agreements, kitten receipts, kitten document wallets and litter record books

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Papers and Fonts


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General and Therapists' Stationery

Dog Stationery, Pedigrees etc

Cat Stationery, Pedigrees etc

Logos and Graphics


Kennel and Cattery Stationery

Cat and dog booklets eg split pedigree books, receipts, worming certs, sales agreements, show results ....

Show Acknowledgement Cards

Stud Receipts and Certificates

Pup and Kitten Document Wallets


Compliment Slips and Receipts

Business Cards, Postcards and
Appointment Slips


Labels and Envelopes

Certificates and Diplomas

Booklets, Notebooks and Diaries



Invitations, Christmas Cards and Notelets

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It also includes specific leaflets you might require such as diet sheets. In the case of these special leaflets, all you need to do is send me details of the information you want to get across and let me design and print some sample layouts for you to make your final decision.

Most items can be personalised with appropriate clip art at no extra charge. A very small part of the range is shown on these booklet; more are being added regularly. I can also scan in your own photos so that your stationery can be fully personalised. Several papers and cards are used across the range of items, from plain to parchment and marble effects. Other, more specialised, papers are available on request.

The minimum order size is reasonable; you donít have to order a vast quantity to get a good price. A reasonable one-off charge is made for any original designs and printing of masters from your copy, completing pedigrees and scanning photos. There is no extra charge for stock designs adapted to your personal details - letterheads, compliment slips, business cards etc.

If thereís anything else you require that isnít listed, just send me details and Iíll prepare a quote. Or if you need more information, samples or a printed catalogue please contact me.


You may already have a logo that you want incorporated into your stationery - thatís fine. Otherwise you can select one from a wide range of graphics, or one can be adapted to suit your needs. It is also possible to scan in photos or other designs. A nominal charge is made for straightforward scanning.

Design work for letterheads, business cards and compliment slips is free of charge. There is a reasonable charge for design work for other items; see the appropriate sections.

Here are a few of the many logos I have in stock.  I also have a good supply of abstract art and borders. 

More art work is being added all the time - if your catís breed isnít here, just ask!

Some of the graphics can be printed in colour too.


Scans (each)


Graphics from collection stocked

No charge

Simple drawings/ maps/ combined graphics etc



 updated 19.2.2008