Booklets for cat and dog breeders

Several spiral bound booklets are produced. They can be A4 or A5, single or double-sided printing, or with blank sheets and carbon paper depending on type. They all have personalised covers in cream parchment card, similar in style to the pedigree covers. The inner pages are 80gsm or 100gsm depdning on the book type. I can edit the pages to suit eg if you want your personal details on them.

This is a selection of the booklets. please ask if you can't see what you want. The price depends on the size, A4 or A5, wherther it is single or double sided printing and the number of pages.

A4 - double sided. eg account books. Your choice of layout, column headings etc £39 for 30 pages

A4 -- single sided. This includes the very popular split pedigree books plus breeder records £26 for 30 pages

A5 - double sided eg litter record books

A5 - single sided eg show result book £7.50 for 30 pages

A5 - single sided with blank copy sheets eg stud receipt, sale books,


Accounts book

If you want a specialised book with your own choice of column headings, look no further! This is an A4 (approx 12" by 8") spiral bound booklet, bound on its left edge. The cover is in parchment card and with the info on from the image sample called "front page". The inner pages would be 100gsm white paper. When you open the book you'd see the first page which would be the same as the cover, then after that would be double page spreads, each with 10 columns.  There is a date column, labelled columns, columns for miscellaneous expenses and income plus blank columns for details of the miscellaneous entries. At the bottom is space for Notes. Column titles can be changed to suit your own business.

Cost - similar to the normal A4 books I do. Two sizes.
Small = cover + 20 double sided sheets inside - £26
Large = cover + 30 double sided sheets inside - £39


Cat and Dog Booklets

More A4 books have been added, thanks to Coleen Petty of Catocat Siamese and Bronmarch German Shepherds for suggesting these layouts. There is a puppy weight and health records book, and an adult dog book covering heath records, heat, breeding and whelping. Similar books are produced for cats. Each of these has 30 pages but I'm also offering 20 page books that just cover one of these topics.

The Split Pedigree Book is A4 size, for 4 or 5 gen, bound along its short edge and is very useful for checking possible matings. It has room for 20 or 30 sires and dams. 

I was recently asked to do a A4 version of the litter record book and an A4 receipt book to give more space for writing.

There are also several A5 booklets covering Worming Certificates, Litter Records, Kitten/Puppy Receipts and Sale Agreements (active, non-active and the third covers any type of sale; you just delete lines as appropriate). 

The latest additions are:

(1) a Stud Receipt booklet. There are more details on this page. 20  pages plus the same number of blank sheets and carbon paper. A5. Now portrait format same as the others.

(2) a combined kitten or puppy receipt book if you have both but only want one book. 20  pages plus the same number of blank sheets and carbon paper. A5. portrait format pages. There is a screenshot here.

I have been asked several times to do larger size booklets (with more pages) so there are now two sizes of some booklet.

The Litter Record Book uses a double page spread to cover mating and litter details and has enough pages for 30  litters. 

The Receipt and Sale Agreement Books each contain 18 printed and blank sheets. Carbon paper is supplied. 

There is also a Show Results Book 30 pages.

Sample pages for all these booklets are shown below. 

Accounts £26/20 pages or £39/30 pages
NEW - A4 litter record book, dog or cat, room for 30 litters, landscape £39/30 pages
NEW - A4 sale agreement, pup or kitten, 20 printed pages, 20 blanks, carbon paper, portrait £15/20 pages
Split Pedigree Book, 4 or 5 generation £17/20 pages or £25/30 pages
Puppy or kitten weight records £15/20 pages or £20/30 pages
Puppy or kitten health records £15/20 pages or £20/30 pages
Puppy or Kitten Record Book £15/20 pages or £20/30 pages
Dog or Cat Health Record Book £15/20 pages or £20/30 pages
Dog or Cat Heat / Breeding Record Book £15/20 pages or £20/30 pages
Dog Whelping or Cat Kittening Record Book £15/20 pages or £20/30 pages
Dog or Cat Record Book £15/20 pages or £20/30 pages
Show Results Book £7/30 pages
Litter Record Book £14/30 litters
Puppy or Kitten Receipt Book or both £7/20 pages + duplicate sheets
Puppy/Kitten Receipt / Sale Agreement Book £7/20 pages + duplicate sheets
Worming Certificate book £7/20 pages + duplicate sheets
Stud Receipt book £7/20 pages + duplicate sheets
Sale Agreement Book  (any one of the three types) £7/20 pages + duplicate sheets

For all images, click to see a larger version.

These images show the A4 version of the dog litter record book, these pages face each other


The image below shows the new A4 puppy sale agreement book. Kitten also available of course! Or A4 receipt books.

Ref W1

Puppy or kitten weight charts

Weight records for up to 12 puppies or 6 kittens per litter. 2 pages per week for pups, 1 page per week for kittens

Ref HR1

Puppy or kitten health records

The kitten booklet has similar wording

Above - Ref SP1 This is a sample page from the 5 gen split pedigree book for cats. A dog version is also available, both in 4 or 5 gen.

The Puppy Record Book has 30 pages - 12 puppy health record sheets and 18 puppy weight charts sheets (9 sets of 2)

The Kitten Record Book has 30 pages - 15 kitten health record sheets and 15 kitten weight chart sheets

Ref HR2

Dog or cat health records

Again the cat version is similar

Ref HB1

Dog or cat heat/breeding records

You guessed it, the dog version is similar

Ref WK1

Dog whelping or Cat kittening records

Room for 12 pups or 6 kittens so the kitten version has space for notes

The Dog Record Book has 30 pages - 10 health, 10 heat and 10 whelping pages

The Cat Record Book has 30 pages - 10 health, 10 heat and 10 kittening pages

This is the combined receipt/simple sale agreement book
Ditto for kittens and puppies

Here is a page from the Show Results book

Above is a receipt with an added photo

Above are the Kitten Receipt book Ref R1 (the puppy version just has puppy where it says kitten) and the combined book to cover both kittens and puppies Ref R2. As you can see sometimes layouts evolve with time and I change fonts so actually the kitten books look more like the combined book now.

Ref LR1 Above are the two pages from the Litter Record Book

Ref SA1 This is the Sale Agreement Book that covers all three types Above are pages from the Active SA2 and the Pet Only, Non-Active SA3 Sale Agreement Book.  
And above sample pages for the cat or dog worming certificates    

Remember the wording on these books can be changed if you want something included eg deposits are not returnable.