Paper and Fonts



There are three main text weight paper types. Scanned samples are shown here. The colours are pretty accurate but if you want to be totally sure of the colour, please ask for 'real' samples before ordering. The papers are:


Plain - good quality, robust and in a good range of colours, both pastel and vivid shades, normally at least 100gsm in weight - including white, pink, blue, green, silver grey, vanilla (cream), bright yellow, cherry, pale yellow, emerald, salmon. Colours may vary according to batch and supplier.


Parchment - the look and feel of parchment. Some random effects and lovely quality. Available in blue, apricot, smoke (soft grey/cream), rose, cream and white (not shown).



Other heavier weight materials are used for the range of business cards - see herePlease note batches may vary slightly in colour.



There are thousands of fonts available on PCs, coming in many different styles to give just the right image you want to reflect - modern or traditional, text or script, plain or fancy, subdued or razzmatazz! Headlines, spot highlights, main text ... they’re all here. Some come as upper case (capital) letters only; these are easily identified in the samples below. these show a few of the more popular fonts available from SynTax for you to select your own if you wish.


Remember you can also add bold, underline, double underline, subscript, superscript and italic, or any combination of the above. It is wise, however, to restrict the number of fonts on any one piece of work for clarity’s sake.