Pedigrees - blank or completed

These are printed on white parchment card, and personalised to suit your needs - usually with your prefix or kennel name, name, address and phone number, plus your choice of art work. They can be supplied folded or as flat A4 sheets with all the details on one side. Most breeders prefer folded.




Folded or flat (4 or 5 gen)  

£3 each

I can also complete pedigrees for you, using black ink and filling in the Champions and Grand Champions in red, keeping the details on computer for future use at no extra charge. There is an initial nominal charge per sire or dam, then a price per certificate. Pedigree details sent for putting onto computer must be clear to avoid errors – capitals are ideal. There is no extra charge for personalising the pedigrees.


Printing (each)

4 gen

each for
sire and dam


Completed Pedigrees 
5 gen

each for
sire and dam


See below for a sample blank folded 4-gen cat pedgree. The layouts for 5 gen and dog pedigrees are equivalent.