Stud Certificates and Receipt Books

Stud Certificates

Signed by the owner of the stud, to give to the owner of the prospective bitch or queen so that they can see the stud's pedigree. The front has your details plus ideally a photo of the dog or cat. Otherwise I can provide clip art. Also space for your signature and date, the stud's DoB, colour, marking, fee etc. The reverse has a 4 generation pedigree. The certificates are normally printed on parchment card in A5 landscape format. There is a charge for typing up the pedigree unless it has previously been typed for you in the same format. The cost? Typing up a 4 gen pedigree - £12 then £1.20 each regardless of quantity, plus the usual P&P. After the first order as with normal typed pedigrees the certificate is kept on computer to be used in future free of charge except for printing costs. Here's a sample of a dog stud certificate partially completed using fabricated details - and featuring my lovely Sacha who passed away in 1995.

Stud Receipt Books

These are similar to the other cat and dog booklets listed here.This covers details of both stud and bitch, mating, fees, expected whelp date plus any other arrangements. If you want different details on the page, a logo or different font the booklet can be personalised for you at no extra charge. This screenshot shows the default layout. The cost is the same as other booklets. There are 18 printed pages plus the same number of blank sheets and carbon paper. Normally all pages are plain white paper but you can have the top copy in parchment paper if you prefer. The top copy is the one you give out, the lower one is the one you keep for your records.

Stud Receipt Book, all white pages £7 for 18 pages
Stud Receipt Book, top copy parchment, bottom copy plain white paper £9 for 18 pages