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Need a website?
Look no further

A three page website with your own domain name for £249
Other prices and full quotes on request


A complete package
IIf you want me to buy a co.uk domain and one year's hosting and webspace for you and then layout and upload a site, the full cost for a three page site would currently be approx £250 plus £25 for every extra page.


And then what?
If you don't want to maintain your own site I can do this for you. The price varies according to the size of the site and other factors. As a guide, for individuals the cost of site maintenance is £25/quarter and for organisations £25/month, for sites that I also laid out. If it is a pre-existing site laid out by someone else the cost is £35/quarter (individual) or £35/month (organisation). This includes making changes to existing pages - adding new membership details for example or changing a page advertising forthcoming events. Completely new pages are charged at £25 each because they have to be integrated into the existing site. If you don't want to pay a regular fee a one-off update is a basic £25 per page.


I can add sound effects and animated graphics to the site, or set up a bulletin board / forum or add password protection to particular pages. Some features incur an extra charge.

For example, I can add a form (for contact, feedback etc) that will email its results to you. The layout can be customised to your own needs and integrated into your site. This add-on costs £25 for the initial layout and then £15 each year. A slideshow of photos costs from £10.

PayPal produce a very good shopping cart which I can set up to work with your own PayPal account and test etc from £30.

I use some templates for speed and to keep down the cost to you.



The Gallery


Please contact me for a full estimate. In the mean time, here are a few of the sites I've worked on so you can visit them and see the quality. Some are up for visual info only as they have since lapsed. Continue Reading »


An economical alternative

If you want a presence on the Internet but don't want lots of webspace, your internet provider may supply webspace as part of your package. This can sometimes be linked to the domain name of your choice so please ask me for more details.

Lost sites

Sometimes it happens - you forget to renew your webspace and your site gets wiped when the space expires. I can upload a 'lost' site from £25. This includes minor editing if necessary.