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NB The games on this page are Atari ST games. I don't have access to all the ST library, only those programs that I stored on PC formatted disks.


Lost Property
Space Aliens Laughed at my Cardigan

What! No Low Alcohol Mineral Water?

TADS Adventures

TADS v2.2.0.5 for ST/TT/Falcon

GC: A Thrashing Parity Bit of the Mind + Maiden of the Moonlight
Quest for the Magic Healing Plant + Time Killer #1: Claustrophobia + Vindaloo + Jigsaw
Frobozz Magic Support + Silence of th

e Lambs + Urban Clean Up + Uncle Zebulon's Will
Veritas + PC University:MacWesleyan
Hero Inc:Calling All Heroes + Modernism + Horror of Rylvania
Colossal Cave Revisited + Tyler's Great Cube Game + Undertow
+=3:A logical Yet Controversial Adventure + Golden Fleece + Kissing the Buddha's Feet
Lethe Flow Phoenix + Past Tense

Alice (source code only)
Alien Abduction?

Broken String
Dungeon (the original Zork)

John's Fire Witch
Holy Grail
Legend Lives, The
Light: Shelby's Addendum
, The

Lost New York
Night at the Museum Forever, A
No Beard, Scourge of the Caribbean
Perdition's Flames
Pesach Adventure, The
Save Princeton
Shadowlands: Tower of Tron

Small World
The One that Got Away
Underoos That Ate New York, The
Wormhole: The Beginning

Inform and games

Inform 6.03 for ST/TT/Falcon

Frustration + The Mission
Curses + Punkirita Quest 1:Liquid + The Mind Electric + Phlegm + The Magic Toyshop
Colossal Cave + In the End + Piece of Mind
Busted! + Gumshoe + Detective (MST3K1) + Rippled Flesh + The Meteor The Stone and The Long Glass of Sherbert
Christminster + A Night at the Computer Centre + Nine Points + Theatre + House of the Stalker
Mini-Zork + Odieus' Quest for the Magic Flingstot + Tube Trouble + Windhall 1:The Path to Fortune
Scott Adams' Adventureland + Cheater + Looking for Godot + Time
Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures - The Golden Baton + The Time Machine + Arrow of Death (part 1) + Arrow of Death (part 2) + Escape from Pulsar 7 + Circus + Feasibility Experiment + Wizard of Akyrz + Perseus and Andromeda + Ten Little Indians + Waxworks.
BSE + Wearing the Claw + Lists and Lists + The Wedding + A Change in the Weather
Delusions + Of Forms Unknown + Return to Karn +Tapestry
Balances + Frozen: A Night at the Lab + Inhumane + SpiritWrak + Stagazer

All Quiet on the Library Front

So Far

Miscellaneous Adventures, text-only unless stated otherwise.

Mindfighter (now public domain) and Titan Find, another Delta 4 game ... it says it is a demo but I don't know how complete it is.
Hammer to Fall - a text RPG ...
Adventure + Beyond the Tesseract + Dungeon + Zoo v2.10 archiver (all text)

John Barnsley's Map Disks, with slideshow and printer option.

Larry 1,2 and 3 and Gold Rush

RPG Help

Chaos maps

Demos etc. Some playable, some rolling demos

Captive - demo, resets after 5 mins
Personal Nightmare
- Thanks to Travis Howell of the development team of ScummVM for extracting the contents of this disk for me


DDST v1.25 includes BBS version as well as stand-alone version
Hammer to Fall - a text RPG ...
SimCity extra cities volume 1 - for PC or ST
SimCity Cities 2
- more. I collected all these when I was hooked on SimCity
Walls of Illusion
- DM-style RPG

Mike and the Mechanics Demos

NASA Slideshow - 1/2 meg version, no sound

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I haven't checked all these games, please let me know if there are any problems and I will remove the relevant game.


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