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Welcome to SynTax Adventure Magazine which was available between 1989 and 2004. These pages store most of what was produced during that time. This section looks at how SynTax started and what it was all about. It also has links to other useful sites.

Here you can read back issues of the magazine, check out the index, find solutions to many games for the PC, Atari ST, Amiga - even some for other formats. If it's adventure-related, it could be here! You can also view photos from some of the Adventure Conventions.

You can also download back issues of the PC version of SynTax, all issues from 1 to 90. Most of the contents of the disc library is also here to download. There are PC games and solution disks plus some ST games.


This site is now for reference only and I hope you'll find something useful in these pages. Do bear in mind that everything in SynTax itself is pre 2004 so please don't use any of the contact details in the magazine. It isn't feasible for me to remove them all but they are not for use. Thanks.


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