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SynDex - Index Issues 1-90

Abbreviations used are:
R = Review, MR = Mini Review/Quick Look, Prev = Preview/Demo, H = Hints, S = Solution, M = Map, P = Picture/Screenshot, A = Article, B = Book Review, F/V = Film/Video Review, T = Audio Tape/Talking Book Review followed by the SynTax issue number. The - and > symbols denote a serialised solution, set of maps etc that may still be continuing.
Maps and screenshots were only available on the ST in the early issues but from Issue 39 were PC SynWin only.
In order to save space, I have not noted which games are available for which machines.

Issues 1-90

007 Nightfire - R(I)81
101st Airborne in Normandy - H86
11th Hour MR42, H44, S48-50
12 Days of Christmas R33
1-2-3 - MR72
1503 AD New World - H85
1602AD H67
1830 - H85
2. Index for Issues 71-80
2001: A Space Odyssey B53
2002 IF Competition - A83
2010: Odyssey Two B53
2063: Odyssey Three B53
3 Skulls of Toltec - S84
3. Issues 81-90
3001: The Final Odyssey B53
39 Steps R46
3D Construction Kit R15
3D Lemmings H64
3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe - R85, H85
4 Seconds - R81, S82
4K Adventure R45
5th Element H58&70
6th Annual IF Competition Games - MR72-73, A71
7th Guest R26&44, H27&32, S44-47
9 H54&63
911 Fire Rescue - H88

A Week in the Life R55, S58
A.I. - F85, A85-87
A10 Cuba - H77
Aayela - S90
Abandoned Places R37, H62, S18-23
Abandoned Places 2 R27
Abbey of Montglane S59
Abuse A42
ACE (Adv Creation Environment) A56
Acheton R56, S57
Acorn Court R55&57, S54
Ad Verbum - R72
Adobe Photoshop Classroom A48
ADOM (Ancient Domains..) R58
Adrift Adventure Creator - R90
Advanced Xoru R44
Adventure 2000 A66
Adventure Company - A84
Adventure Convention 2002 - A82
Adventure Convention 2003 - A87
Adventure Game Toolkit, AGT R4, H17, A21&23&48-50
Adventure Quest R1, S2, H8
Adventure R43
Adventurer - The (utility) A40, P40
Adventurer - The (Zenobi) R6
Adventurers' Museum R43, S47
Adventures at the Chateau d'Or - R(I)85, S85, P85
Aethra Chronicles R43, S43
African Safari - H71&77
After Dark Games - R90
Afterlife MR45, A45, H57, A75(H)
Aftermath - MR72
Against the Fall of Night B29
AGE (Adventure Game Engine) A60, P60
Age of Empires R64, H65-66, 77, 79, 81-82
Age of Empires: Rise to Rome R64, H78&90
Age of Empires 2 H63
Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings H65-66
Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors H69&70, 75, R70 (demo), P70
Age of Mythology - R(I)75, P75, H77&90
Age of Mythology: The Titans - H88
Age of Sail 2 - H86
Age of Wonders H70
Age of Wonders 2 - H83
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic - R(I)87, H87
Agharta: Hollow Earth - H71
AgiliTy - A81&82
AGT - A81
Air Bucks - S79
Airline Tycoon H64, 79
Airline Tycoon Evolution - H88
Airport Tycoon - H84
Aisle R62
Albion R50, S52-54, H81
Alfred Hitchcock: The Final Cut - S87
Alice H7, S19, M19
Alice in Wonderland R41
Alice: An Interactive Museum - S79
Alien Abduction S66
Alien Incident S68
Alien Logic H48
Alien Nations - R(I)74&77, P74, A77, H75&77
Alien R29, S30
Aliens Vs Predator - H81&82
Aliens:Comic Book Adventure R41, H42, S89
Alive F29
All Quiet on the Library Front R49
All the Wyrs of Pern B23
Alone in the Dark R23&24, H23&24, S25
Alone in the Dark 2 S45-46&55
Alone in the Dark 3 S39-40
Alone in the Dark 4:New Nightmare - R(I)76, S77-79>
Alpha Centauri MR60, P60, H60&66&71
Al-Qadim:The Genie's Curse R54, H54-56, S57-59, M59
Altered Destiny R18, H18
Altered Worlds N58
Alternate History - B71
Alternate Reality: The City R1
Amazon (Telarium) R8, S8
Amazon:Guardians of Eden R28
Amazons vs Aliens R70 (demo) and see Alien Nations
Amber: Journeys Beyond - S72
Amberstar H45&61-62, S24-30
American Conquest: Fight Back - H87
American McGee's Alice - H81, S85-87
Amerzone R65&78, H62, S69-71
Amiga PD Arcade Games A35
AmiGraph (utility) R25
Anachronox - R76&81, P76
Anagram Genius A37
Anchorhead R56, S56
Ancients 1 : Deathwatch R38, S40, M40&47-49
And the Waves Choke the Wind - MR72
Andkara R28, S20
Angband R41
Angel Devoid - S71, A84
Another Lifeless Planet S33
Another World - S86
Antep R27
Anvil of Dawn R42, H44&75, S42-48
Apprentice Prev 17, R18&31, H18, S69
Aquarium - R72
Arazok's Tomb S16
Arc Legacy, The R69
Arcanum - R74(I)&79&89, S81, P81
Are We There Yet? R19&44, H22
Ark of Time - R(I)77, S77, S88-89
Arkane R67
Armada R6, P6
Army Men - H82
Army Men 2 H60
Arrival - S72
Art Tutor R23
Artemis Fowl - T85
Arthur (Infocom) - S86
Arthur 1: Tales of Chivalry - S90
Arthur 2: Secret of Merlin - S90
Arthur's Knights 2: Secret of Merlin - R(I)79, P79
Arx Fatalis - P78, R87
Ascendent - MR72
Asheron's Call R69, H76&77, A81&82&84, H81&82
Asheron's Call:Dark Majesty - R77
Asteroid Adventure R9, P9, H10
At Wit's End - MR72
Atlantis 2 H69-71, P/M69, P71
Atlantis II: Beyond Atlantis - S87-88, P87-88
Atlantis Lost Tales - H50&78, P50, A85
Atlantis R37
Atlantis Underwater Tycoon - R(I)84, H84
A-Train - H86
A-Train R32, H47
Aunt Velma R39
Auryn Quest - R(I)79, P79
Avalon II:Island of Darkness R51
AVG Anti-virus - A89
Avon R37, S39
Awakening Project - The N56
Axis and Allies: Iron Blitz - H88
Azrael's Tear H63, S68-70
Aztec - S71

B Wing R31
Babel H53, S65
Babylon 5 Book 1:Voices B61
Babylon 5 Book 2:Accusations B62
Babylon 5 Book 3:Blood Oath B63
Babylon 5 Book 4: Clark's Law B64
Babylon 5 Book 5: The Touch ... B65
Babylon 5 Book 6: Betrayals B66
Babylon 5: Book 7: The Shadow Within B67
Babylon 5: Book 8: Personal Agendas B68
Babylon 5: Book 9: To Dream in the City of Sorrow B69
Babylon 5: Crusade A69-71, A88
Back to the Future R44
Backstreet Boys - R72
Bad Mojo MR44, S68
Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn H69&75
Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal - R(I)76&78, H78&79
Baldur's Gate P56, N56-59, M60, R67&72, A60&64, H59&66-67, 71&72&77, S59-65
Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast R67, H74&76
Ballyhoo H2&35
Balrog's Day Out R35
Baltimore:24 - R86, S87
Bandor R60
Bane of the Cosmic Forge R17&29, H16&61-66, S39-41, M39-41
Barbarossa June 1941 R24
Bard's Tale - A87
Bard's Tale Construction Kit R36
Bard's Tale I H1&4&7&11&43, S4-5, M5-12
Bard's Tale II (RPG) S28-31
Bard's Tale III (RPG) R30, S34
Bargon Attack - S74
BAT R15, S89
BAT2 R24, A33
Batman Forever - H89
Battle Isle: Andosia War - H72
Battle of Philip ... R12&14, S13
Battleforce S32
Battleisle H53
Battlemaster R9, H9
Battles on Distant Planets - R78
Battlespire (Elder Scrolls 3) R53&58, S83-87, M83-87, H84
Battlestar Galactica A44
BattleTech 2 Bloodname B37
BattleTech 3 Falcon Guard B37
BattleTech II R20
BattleTech R2, S2
BattleTech Way of the Clans B34
Battune Becomes an Actor S24
Battune Goes on Safari S24
Battune in Wonderland R15, H15
Battune Meets Sleeping Beauty S25
Battune the Sailor R15, H15
Beacon of Hope A67
Bear's Night Out R53, S63
Beasts and Bumpkins R52, P52, H52&54&64
Beat the Devil R64, H74
Beavis & Butthead:V, Stupidity S56
Being Andrew Plotkin - MR72
Beneath a Steel Sky R30, S31&32-33
Best Man, The - MR72
Best of the Indies 2 R39
Best of the Indies R37
Betrayal at Krondor R27&62, H35-37&53&60, S62-64
Betrayal in Antara R53&57&75, H52&53&63&69&75, S77
Better Than Life B27
Betty Carlson's Big Date R60, S18
Beyond El Dorado R42
Beyond the Fall of Night B29
Beyond the Titanic S44
Beyond Time H59, P59, S80-81
Beyond Zork R1, P1, H37, S2
Big 3, The R68
Big Biz Tycoon - H87
Big Biz Tycoon 2 - H88
Big Mamma, The - MR72
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adv S27
Bioscopia - S86
Birth of the Phoenix - R83
Birthright: Gorgon's Alliance H63&68
Black and White - H76&77&78&86&90
Black Crypt Prev 19, H22&31, S20- 25&S31-35
Black Dahlia MR53, R59, P54, H57&58, S54
Black Dawn (RPG) R32
Black Dawn (ST text game) H24
Black Dawn 2 (RPG) H36
Black Mirror - R(I)89, A88, S88-90
Black Moon Chronicles: Winds of War - S87
Blackscar Mountain R3&14, S3-4
Blade N56
Blade of Destiny R27, H27
Blade Runner A30&56-59
Blade Runner MR53, P53, S82-83, S90
Blades of Exile N53, P53
Blag - The R8, P8
Blag Trivia Quiz R11
Blair Witch Project Vol 1: Rustin Parr H69,R(I)76,S77-78, M77
Blair Witch Project Vol 2: Legend of Coffin Rock H70,S74
Blair Witch Project Vol 3: Elly Kedward - R77, H72, S78
Blake's 7 A45-50>
Bliss - R75, S76
Blood 2: The Chosen H58& 81
Blood and Magic H53&55&61&89
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain H70
Bloodmoon - R(I)89
Bloodnet R39
Bloodwych A35, R3, P3, H5&23
Bloodwych Data Disk 1 R5, S8-9, H23
Bloody Blade Adventure R20
Bludgeon R33
Blue Ice R51, H54, S68-73, P71-73
Bob's Dragon Hunt R48
Book of Mordred B40
Bookworm Deluxe - R87
Border Warfare R10, P10, H20
Border Zone S12
Borders of Infinity B36
Borrowed Time R11, H11
Bounty Hunter R39
Boxman - R77
Brain Dead 13 S65
Brass Lantern - A76
Breakers H24
Breaking the Code - MR72
Breath Pirates S70
Brian and the Dishonest Politician R39
Brian Lara Cricket H60
Brimstone H2
Broken String R58
Broken Sword 2:Smoking Mirror MR51, R54, P51, H51&69, S53&54
Broken Sword MR46, R66, H46, S47-48
BSS Jayne Seymour R9, H12, M12
Buccaneer R53
Bud Tucker in Double Trouble - S90
Bug Wars B16
Bugbear Worm - A81
Bughunt R19
Bureaucracy H10&35&36
Buried in Time See Journeyman Proj 2
Business Tycoon - H79
Busted R49, S64
Byzantine S65-67, P66&67

C&C:RA:Counterstrike R50, H48
C&C:Red Alert R49, H49-52>
C.A.T. A39&43
C64 Emulator, Amiga A64 v3.01 A39
Cadaver R10, S14-18
Cadaver:The Payoff H29
Caesar (PD) R25
Caesar 2 (Sierra) MR44, H64&73
Caesar 3 R61, H57&64&69&81, A82
Cailynvorn R30
Callahan's Chronicles - B83
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon R66
Calliope - S90
Calsoon 2 - S78
Camelot (Labyrinth) R12, H13, S14, M14
Cameron Files - see Loch Ness
Candy R64
Cannon Fodder H45-46
Capitalism 2 - H78&79
Capitalism Plus - H72
Captive R10, M34&37&42&48, A49, H10&11&25&26&27&32&33&34&39-42>
Car R31
Carmageddon 2 N56, A60
Carmageddon, Splat Pack A53
Carnacki the Ghost Finder B18
Carpe Jugulum T59
Case of the Mixed-up Shymer R8, H5&22
Cask R63
Casper - H81
Castaway S67
Castle Adventure R70, H19
Castle Amnos - MR72
Castle Dracula S45&55
Castle Droganya R47, S45
Castle Master R7, P7, H8, S13
Castle of Hornadette S32
Castle of the Alchemists Prev 19, R25, H25, S26
Castle of the Winds R33
Castles II S63
CAT (Creative Adventure Toolkit) - A69&75&78
Cat That Came in from the Cold R32
Catacomb (Amiga PD) S34
Cat-a-lyst B29
Catteni Sequence B59
Catteni Trilogy - B73
Caverns City R15&81, H82
Caverns of Crobe S63
Caves of Dyanty Prev 26, R27&31, S60
Cercla R37, S40
Ceremony of Innocence R68
Challenge, The R5&6, H6, S8, M8
Champions of Krynn R57&58, H12-22&58, S59
Champions of the Raj R13
Championship Manager 93 R26
Championship Manager 94 R29
Change in the Weather, A S70
Change of Address (COA) - A64
Chanques A44
Chaos (ST PD) R26&34, H26, A28
Chaos SB Extra Dungeons R16
Chaos Strikes Back R4, P4, H5&8&32&43, A32, M34&35, S33&36&81
CharGen R56
Chemicus - R(I)84, S85, P85
Chronicles of the Sword R43&61, S44-45
Chronomaster - S73-74
Chronoquest 2 R7&9, H39, S7, A9
Chronoquest R5, H2&38, P5, S6
CIA Adventure R54, S51
Cinemania 94 R31
City of Heroes - R(I)90, P90
City of Lost Children MR51, P51, H72&74&75, S86
City out of Bounds R2&14, H11, S62
Civil Service 2 (ZX emul) R43
Civil War - R(I)86, P86
Civilization - A87
Civilization 2 - H79
Civilization 2:Fantastic Worlds N52
Civilization 3 - R(I)76, H78&82
Civilization 3: Conquests - R(I)87
Civilization 3: Play the World - H90
Civilization II R42
Civilization R24, H36, S27-29&31
CivNet R47
Clandestiny R57, S57-58
Claustrophobia (see Time Killer #1)
Clear-up In Cloggieland R41, S54
Cleopatra - R76, H76
Clive Barker's Undying - see Undying
Clock, The - MR72
Cloud 99 R37
Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion - R(I)79, S79
Clue The H32
Coast House, The - R76
Cockroach's Choicest Bits Vol 1 R61
Cockroach's Choicest Bits Vol 7 R65
Codename - Iceman S12-14, H16
Codename Eternity A68
Colonel's Bequest H15&16, S79
Colonization - H89
Colossal Adventure (Level 9) R1, S1, H7&34
Colossal Adventure (PD) MR14
Colossal Cave (AGT, Gasior) Prev 17
Colour of Magic (ZX emul) S50
Colour of Magic B49, A59-60
Command and Conquer Covert Ops R42
Command and Conquer R41, H52-60&83
Command and Conquer: Red Alert H65&73
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun H70&88
Commander Blood R35
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin - H90
Commute - S87
Comp00ter Game - MR72
Companions of Xanth R32&33, M35, S34&35
Congo - S84
Congratulations! R63
Conquest Earth S57
Conquest R39
Conquest: Frontier Wars - H75
Conquests of Camelot R40, H13&15&23, S67
Conquests of the Longbow R18, S56
Constructor H56, R90
Corporation R11
Corruption R2, H7&39
Cortizone R11&38, P11, H11
CosmoServe Prev 17, R33
Countdown S59
Countdown to Doom R32
Cow 5 R45
Crack City R39
Crash Garrett H8
Creatures 3 - A86
Creatures R32
Crime City - S87
Crime R42, H50, S16
Crime to the Ninth Power R29, H31, S34
Crimson Spring - MR72
Crisis at Desernia R63
CrossDOS A57
Cruise for a Corpse R51, H51, S72
Cruise Ship Tycoon - R(I)86, P86
Cruisin' the Strip A54
Crusade R37, H13
Crusader: No Regret H54
Crusaders - R88(I), P88
Crusaders of the Dark Savant - S72-74, M72-74
Crusaders of the Dark Savant R25&38, H25&38&48&60>
Crypt R43, H43, S44
Crystal Dragon H41, S84-86
Crystal Key S67-68
Crystals of Arborea R14&23
Cultures - R71 (demo)&73&74, P71, H73&77, A74
Cultures 2 - R79 (demo)
Curse of Atlantis:Thorgal's Quest - R(I)85, P85
Curse of Azriel R26
Curse of Enchantia H23, S24
Curse of Monkey Island - See Secret of MI3
Curse of Slagfid B19
Curse of the Azure Bonds R12, P12, H26-28&43
Curse: The Eye of Isis - R88(I), P88
Curses R41, H40&41, P41, S42-43
Cutthroats R5, H8, M11, S11

D S58
Daggerfall (Elder Scrolls 2) A49&50, R46, H46-50&52&54-55&89, A51
Daikatana S67, H81
Damocles R9
Damp Camp R58, S58
Dangimere R37
Dare to Dream R29
Dare to Dream 2 - S73
Dark Age of Camelot - R78 (x2), H89
Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles - R(I)84
Dark Ages R68
Dark Basic A/R67
Dark Castle R21
Dark Continent R29, S24&30&69
Dark Earth - S86
Dark Eye - S73
Dark Forces R36, H44, S60
Dark Forces 2 See Jedi Knight
Dark Half S65
Dark Heart B29
Dark Queen of Krynn S27
Dark Secrets of Africa N57
Dark Seed R23, S24
Dark Seed II MR43
Dark Side of the Moon R68, S69-72
Dark Side S13, M13
Dark Skies A47-48&58
Dark Sky Over Paradise R6
Dark Sun 2 H48
Dark Sun:Shattered Lands R29, M46, S45-48
Dark Tower R17
Dark Wars R17
Dark Woods 2 - R82
Darkest Road R37&52, S52
Darklands R21, H21
Darkness Calls R34&35
Darkness is Forever R4&14, S5
Darknite R47, S60
Darkstone - R72, H63&66
Davi-Music 98 A57
Davy Jones Locker R12, H12
Day of the Tentacle R28, H28, S29
Daymare 2 R39
DBQuest - R73, S74
DDST R4&18&23
Dead End R4, P4, S12
Dead of Night R41
Dead or Alive...? MR14
Deadline H11, S47
Deadlock - H73
Deadly Labyrinth Prev 17, R40, A35&54
Death Camp MR14
Death Gate Cycle B17&26&35
Death Gate H35&41, R35&63&67, P55&56, S36-37&55-56>
Death Knights of Krynn H24&45-46
Death Train F29
Deathtrap Dungeon H64
Deena of Kolini R45
Deep Sea Tycoon - R(I)89
Deep Space Drifter MR14, R16&31, H31&32, S33
Deep Space Nine V28
Deep Space Nine:Harbinger S53&58
Defender of the Crown H43
Deja Vu H28
Deja Vu II R2, P2, S1
Deltronics Graphics Disk R11, P11
Demon 2 R31
Demoniak R14
Demon's Forge S69
Demon's Tomb R6, H6
Demon's Winter R2&6, S2-9
Des Ring Des Nibelungen H10, S19
Descent 3 H62
Descent A41, H42&44&48
Descent to Undermountain H63
Desert Heat - MR72
Desert Strike R70
Desmond and Gertrude R39
Detective (CE Forman) - S64
Detective (Kit Carson) Prev 26, R34, A54
Detective (Matt Barringer) A54
Detective (MST3000) R54
Deus Ex R75&76, S75-79, H68&82
Deuteros R22, H24
Devil Princes series B34
Diablo (Blizzard) R47&49, A52, H50&53&83, S47&49
Diablo (ZX) R39
Diablo 2 - R74&76, H78
Diablo:Hellfire H56
Die by the Sword H57
Dig, The R41&47, H41&52, S42&43&44, B74
Digibarn - A85
Dinkum R50
Dinner With Andre - MR73
Dino Island - A81&82
Dino Park Tycoon - H89
Dinotopia S61
Discovery, Steps of Columbus R24
Discworld A64&72(x2)-79, R37, S49-50, S53
Discworld 2 R47&57, H47&69, S48-50
Discworld Annotations A61-90
Discworld MUD A54
Discworld Noir R62, H62
Discworld Series A45-50>
Disenchanted Prev 17, R19, H22, S23
Ditch Day Drifter R14&15, S20
Dive: Conquest of Silver Eye - S77
Divine Divinity - R84
Djinn R58
Djinni Chronicles - MR72
Dogday - S79
DogStar R52
Domes of Sha R1&37, S7, M7
Dominant Species - H71
Don't Bank on It R38
Doom R38&61, H44
Doom 2 A43, R61, H44&53
Double Agent R37
Down in the Dumps - S86
Dr Death's House of Horrors S38
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Prev 15, P15
Dr Who: Dalek Attack H49
Dr Who: Phantasmagoria T64
Dr Wot and the Grimelords S19
Dracula 2: Last Sanctuary - H76
Dracula Last Resurrection - S77-79
Dracula Resurrection S68, S69-70, P70, R84, S84
Dracula Unleashed R33, H33&36, S34
Dragon Cave R35
Dragon Quest (PC PD) R52
Dragon Quest (ZX emul) R34
Dragon Resources Stories - R74
Dragon Slayer R14, H14
Dragon Wars R36, S58-61, P59
Dragonflight N54
Dragonheart DVD F67
Dragonlance Series B18
Dragonlore H42, S43-44
Dragonlore 2 H70
Dragonriders of Pern P70
Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern - R75
Dragon's Breath R8&23, P8, S23
Dragon's Lair (PCPD) R40, S23
Dragons of Flame R5, P5, H33
Dragonsphere R31, H31&35&38&41
Dragonworld H15
Drakan: Order of the Flame R66, P66
Drakkhen H43&76&85, S13, M13
Dransik - R84
Dream Park B31
Dream Zone H7, S7
Dreamweaver B22
Dreamweb S57
Drearcliffe Manor R39&44, H40, S51
Drive Image - A74
Droolig and the King's Gold R21, H21
Drowned God H65
Druid:Daemons of the Mind MR42, H44
Duck Soup R35&67, H35, S57
Dudley Dilemma MR14, H9, R79, H79
Duke Nukem 3D H44
Dune R20, S21-22
Dune 2 H25
Dungeon Adventure R1, S3, H9
Dungeon Hack R66
Dungeon Keeper R50&53, H50&53&60, H73, 81 & 89
Dungeon Keeper 2 P56, N56, H71
Dungeon Lord R25
Dungeon Maker A40
Dungeon Master H5&9&11&22&23&33&37& 42&43&76, S1, A22-25&27&29&31, P45
Dungeon Master 2 R38&42, H38&39&56-60&62, S55
Dungeon M'r Extra Dungeons R16
Dungeon Odyssey - R86, P86
Dungeon of Death R41&61, P41
Dungeon of Grimlor R45
Dungeon R65
Dungeon Scroll - R88, P88
Dungeon Siege - R(I)78& R82, S83-85&90, M83, H85, P85
Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna - R88
Dungeons and Dragons (DND) R59, F82
Dungeons of Avalon 1 R27, H30
Dungeons, Amethysts etc R7
Dunjin R20, H20&30, S35
Dust: Tales of the Wired West H63, S82

Earth :Final Conflict A63&64, P63
Earthrise H23
Earthseige 1 R43
EBay - A83
Echoes of the Fourth Magic B25
EcoQuest I:Search for Cetus R57, S57-58
EcoQuest II:Secret of the Rain Forest R44, H45-48
Ecstatica R35, S36&59, M59
Edifice R67, S67
Egypt 1156BC:Tomb of the Pharoah MR59, R66, P59, S66-67
Elder Scrolls Battlespire - see Battlespire
Elder Scrolls Bloodmoon - see Bloodmoon
Elder Scrolls Morrowind - see Morrowind
Elder Scrolls See also Arena, Daggerfall and Battlespire
Elder Scrolls Tribunal - see Tribunal
Elder Scrolls: Arena - H73
Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - see Morrowind
Elder Scrolls: Redguard - see Redguard
Elder Scrolls: Redguard H70
Electrabot R49&R54, A54
Elf Defence B29
Elf's Adventure R15, H15
Elfshadow B25
Elite - H76
Elite II: Frontier R28&30&65, 29&30&31&33&35&36&43&45&52, A34
Ellisnore Diamond R20&38, H20
Elven Crystals I R26, S13, M13
Elven Crystals II R26, H45
Elvira I S12
Elvira II R29, M31, S30-31
Email Obfuscator - R84
Emerald Elf (ZX emul) R53&55, H55
Emily Short's Walkthrough Competition - A89
Emperor - R(I)81&82&86, H82&84&87
Emperor Extra Missions - R87
Enchanted Castle R31&38, S54&84
Enchanted Cottage R10, H10
Enchanted Realm R2, S9
Enchanted Realm II S10, H10, M10
Enchanter H3&38, R85, P81
End Day 2240 R12&14, H12
End is Nigh R34&36
End Means Escape - MR73
Endurance R34
Enhanced - R72, S73
Enlightenment R61
Enlisted - MR73
Enter the Matrix - R87, H87
Entombed - H78
Entomorph MR44
Epic S37
Equal Rites B50
Erehwon - S90
Eric B53
Eric the Unready R25, H25&H26&35&41, S26
Escape from a Very Large Cave R39
Escape from Crulistan - MR73
Escape from Horrorland - S74
Escape from Maya's Kingdom R41, S35
Escape from Monkey Island (MI4) - R74&76, S77
Escape from Mount Doom R40
Escape from Prison Island Prev 17, R18, H18
Escape from the Arboretum R59
Escape from the Planet of the Cardboard Monsters R26, S27
Escape S19
Essex H24
Eternam S24
Etherlords P69
Etherlords II - H87
Ethos R35
Europa Universalis II - H81
Eve R52
Even the Devil must Die - R88
EverQuest - A71, H71&72&74, P71
EverQuest N55&56&58, P56, R68, H66&68
EverQuest: Ruins of Kunark - H76
Everyone Loves a Parade R58
Evil Islands - R86, H70&82
Evilution R27
Evolution - R58, F86
Excelsior R58
Excuse Me ... R27&62, H27, S53&69
Exile R54, H28&31&43
Exile II:Crystal Souls R51, P5, H651
Exile III:Ruined World R56, H56
Exiles Saga B56
Exorcism S43
Explorer S41
Eye of the Beholder I - S81, A83, R13, H14&16&18&19
Eye of the Beholder II R17, H19&23&29-31&53, S42-52, M43-52
Eye of the Beholder III H49&70, S29-33&56>, M29-33
Eye of the Beholder Java version - A83
Eye of the Beholder Trilogy R29&36, H36
Eye of the Inca S26
Eye of the Krakan - S90

Fable - R48&71, H48&51
Fable, A (AGT) A54
Faery Tale Adventure - S84-85, H43&53
Faery Tale Adventure 2 R55, S55-57&59-60, H84
Fahrenheit 451 S9
Fairy R32
Faldon N54
Fallout 1 - H73, S74-76, M(P)74-76>
Fallout 2 - R62, A87, H87
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel - R75
Famous Last Words - A84-90
Fantastic Four S5
Fantasy Empire - H89
Fantasy General R48
Fantasy Tools (utility) A44
Far Cry - R88(I), H88
Fascination H24, S27
Fast Food Tycoon - H86
Fast Lane MR14
Fate, Gates of Dawn R24, H25&26
Fates of Twinion R70
Faust - R74
Faust: Seven Games of the Soul - S86-87
Faustus R64
Fear R70
Feeble Files - MR51, P51, H52&60, H72, S74-75, S87-88
Feet of Clay B44&58
Fifa 2000 H69
Fifteen R58&60, S87
Final Battle - The R10, H10
Final Chorus (ZX emul) R43
Final Fantasy VII - S71-78
Final Fantasy VII MR57, P57, R60&61, H61, S64-70>
Final Fantasy VIII - R73
Final Liberation R67
Fine Tuned - R82, S83
Fire Ruby (ZX emul) N53, R57
Fire Witch R37&59, S36
Firebird R55, S55
First Samurai R24
Fish! R4, H2&5&22&33&40
Fistful of Necronimicons R41
Five on a Treasure Island R14, H14
Flameout R47
Flashback - H90
Flashback S47
Flea Circus - R85
Fleece Quest Prev 17, R26, H26, S27
Flight of the Amazon Queen R49, H64, S38-40
Flight Sim 2000 - H88
Flight Unlimited 3 - H86
Flix R64
Floor 13 R22&35
Fool's Errand R13, H17-24
Foom R52
Football Director II S12
Forest Lord B25
Forestland R14, H14
Forgotten - S86, P86
Forgotten Realms Archives R57
Formula 1 Grand Prix A63
Four Symbols R18&36, H20&21&23
Frankenstein Through the Eyes of the Monster - S85, H44
Frankenstein's Legacy R32
Freddie Pharkas R27, S38
Freedom Force - R84
Frenetic Five R63, S63
Friday Afternoon R64
Frobozz Magic Support S68
Frogger 2 - R82
From Little Acorns MR14, S23, M23
Frontier See Elite II
Frozen: a Night at the Lab R70, S70
Frustration R53&59, H59
Full Throttle R44, H45, S37
Future Wars R4&28, P4, H4&5&21&25&32&33&34, S5&41&55
Futz Mutz - MR73

G Police - R77
Gabriel Knight 1 - R34&48&52, H34&37, S35, H73, A83
Gabriel Knight 2 R54, S43-44
Gabriel Knight 3 - N52, P52, R75, S71-72, S82-84, P83-84
Galaxy Game B32
Galaxy Quest - F76
Galdregon's Domain R3
Game Builder Lite R33
Gateway 1 (Legend) R20, S23, H35&38&46
Gateway 2 (Legend) R39, S54-55
Gateway to the Savage Frontier R18&59, H29-41&59, S25
Gecko's Adventures 1 R43
GEM Explorer - R83
Gemini (utility) R25
Gene Machine MR48, R62, H58&63, S48
Gene Wars H57
Genesis 2 - R78
Gerbil Riot of 67 R30
Get Medieval - H82
Ghost Master - A87&88, R88
Ghost Riders of El Diablo S36&45&68
Ghost Ship R40
Ghost Town - H10, S19, M19, R85, H85
Ghosts - R83
Giants Trilogy B22
Gilbert Goodmate - R85, S81
Gladiator - A81
Gnome Ranger H2
Gnu Chess R27
Go!zilla A61
Gobliiins R27, H26&27
Gobliins 2 demo S24
Gobliins 2 R27
Gobliiins 3 H29, R35, S54
Goblin Towers R12, H12
Going Critical R58
Gold Rush R1, P1, H32, S1
Golden Fleece, The R10, H11
Golden Wombat of Destiny R18, H16&17, S18
Golf Resort Tycoon - H85
Good Breakfast, A R55
Good Omens B27
Gorasul - R85
Gordello Incident R39
Gory Story R36, S38
Got ID? - MR73
Gothic - R82
Gothos - S73, P73
Grail, The H3
Grand Prix Manager R25
Grand Theft Auto A67
Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 H64
Grandad 1 R31
Grandad 2 R33
Gravis Ultrasound A34
Great Archaeological Race R29, H46
Great Ultizurkian Underworld R41&61
Greystone - A86
Gridlock B24
Grim Fandango R58&61&64, H63, P58, S59, R77, S78
Grimblood R7
Grimoire, The R3&38, H3, S14, M14
Grue-knapped! R13&22, H25, S15
Guardian's Crusade N59
Guards! Guards! R52
Guess the Verb - MR73
Guild of Thieves H34&36&40, S1
Guilty - S72
Gumshoe S49

Hacker 2 M, P4, S4
Half Life - R61, H66, R77, H74&75, S77-79
Half Life: Blue Shift - R74, H73
Half-Life: Opposing Forces R65, P65
Halloween R57, S67
Hammer of Grimmold R1, H2, S7-8&10-11&14
Hampton Manor R39, H39, S43&63
Hanami - A90
Hand of Fate - See Legend of Kyrandia 2
Handful of Hamsters R39
Happy Ever After - MR73
Harry Potter a/t Chamber of Secrets - R(I)83, H83&84&85
Harry Potter a/t Prisoner/Azkaban - R(I)90
Harry Potter a/t Sorcerer's Stone - A81&82, H83
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - R76, A76, H76&78, P76
Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup - R88
Harvest of Souls - see Shivers 2
Hatrack II R13
Haunted House R50&53, A54
Haunted Mission R48, S17, M17
Hazardous Holiday S58
Hazards of Invisibility - A90
Heart of China R16&52, H16, S23
Heart of Winter: Trials of the Luremaster - R(I)90, P90
Heaven and Hell - R89, P89
HeavyGear II N55
Heechee Saga B23
Hegemonia - R(I)85, S85-87, P85
Heimdall R19&26, H19&26&27
Heimdall 2 H33, S32-33
Heli Heroes - H78
Helicopter Mission A42
Hell R48, S49-51, H52-55
Hellfire - See Diablo:Hellfire
Helvera, Mistress of the Park R24&29, H24
Heretic H44, H61
Heretic II N58, H58
Herewith the Clues! R10
Hermitage R39
Hero Inc Calling all Heroes S49
Hero Quest R15&26
Hero Quest II (Legacy, Soracil) R36&38, H38
Heroes Chronicles (all) - R(I)74
Heroes Chronicles: Conq of Underworld - H73
Heroes Chronicles:Warlords/Wasteland - P74
Heroes of Might and Magic - R52, H64
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 MR55, P55, H53&54&64, S61-62
Heroes of Might and Magic 3:Armageddon's Blade - H63, H75, H83
Heroes of Might and Magic 4 - R(I)82, P82
Hexen R40, H44
Hexen 2 - S81-84
Hexplore R59
Hexx H32
Hexxagon R36
Hide and Seek (ZX emul) R59
High Stakes R21, S21, M21
Highe S59
Highlands N58
Hillsfar S4-5, R4
Hint Library A56
Hired Guns R37
History of Adventure - A90
History of Superhero Comic Books A65-72
Hitchhiker's Guide TTG R10, MR20, H4&36, S18>19
HiTech Drifter S50
Hobbit (ACE version) - R83&87&88
Hobbit (Sierra) - R89
Hodj 'n' Podj R46
Hogfather B46, B58
Hollywood Hijinx R18, H1&37
Holy Grail R11, H12
Homeworld 2 - H90
Hook S20
Horror of Rylvania MR32, R28&56, S56
Hotel Giant - R82, H86
Hotel Notell Prev 17, R48, S59
Hound of Shadow R7, S7-8
House 2 House A54
House at the Edge of Time R33
House of the Os MR14, R42, H42
House of the Stalker - R73
Hugo's House of Horrors 1 - R30, H30, S73
Hugo's House of Horrors 3 R50, S50
Human Resource Stories R59
Humans H23
Humbug R11, H26&51, S25
Hunter in Darkness S67
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! R27, H27
Hype: The Time Quest - H73
Hysula R24, S25

I Didn't Know You Could Yodel R61
I Have No Mouth ... MR42, R50, S51-52
I Rescued Elvis ... S40
Ice Princess R43&51, H51
Icewind Dale - R71 (demo), R63, R77, S71-72
Icewind Dale II - R86
Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - H71
IF Archive - A89
IF Competition 2003 - A87&88
Igor Objective Uikokahonia R45, H45, M46, S46
Immortal - The R9, P9
Impossible Creatures - R(I)83
In Search of Atlantis R25, H25, S26
In The End S50
In the Garden of Unearthly Delights B17
Inca 1 S49-50, P(M)50
Incarnations of Immortality B19
Incredible Machine - H53, H90
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis R22, S20-21
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine H64 (demo)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade R3, H3, S6-7
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (film) - A90
Industry Giant - MR56, P56, H72
Industry Giant 2 - R81 (demo)
Inferno's Adventures - A83
Infidel MR32, R6&17, H5&17
Infil-traitor - MR73
Infiltration R32
Infocom - A31-35, A84-85&90
Infocom Interpreter for Psion 3 and 3a R68
Infocom Toolkit R41
Inform A65-66
Ingrid's Back R38, H21, S2-4
Inherit the Earth R33, S54
Inheritance R64
Inhumane R49
Inner Space A47
Innocent Until Caught H30, S31&32
Innocent Until Caught 2 - see Guilty
Insectoids A38
Inside the Pleasuredome R70
Intercept S41
Interesting Times B57
Into The Mystic R10, H10
Intro Maker (utility) R19
Invasion R2&14, S3
Iomega Zip Drive A42
Ishar I R20&27, H25, S21&46, M21, P46
Ishar II R28, H28&34-40, S78
Ishar III R33, H35, M35-36, S35-36
Isis - S71
Island of Mystery S16
Isle of the Dead S70
Issues 1-70
Isthorn R31
It Came from the Desert S12

Jacaranda Jim R26&36&44, H16&26, S28
Jade Stone, The R1&38, P1, H2&24
Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games - H88
Jagged Alliance 2 H62
Jane - R82, S82
Jarod's Journey - MR73
Jazz and Faust - P78
Jazz Jackrabbit A46, H44
Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast - H90
Jedi Knight:Dark Forces II MR54, R70, P54
Jedi Knight:Mysteries of Sith MR54, P54, H54
Jeopardy! - H88
Jewel of Knowledge R62, S63
Jewels of Darkness R1
Jigsaw R47, H47, S48-49, A85-86
Jingo B60
Jinxter R1, H36&37&38, S2
Joan of Arc S6
John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles - R72, R63&66, H61-63&68, S65
Johnny Castaway A52
John's Fire Witch - R37, S36, S71
Journey Into Xanth Prev 26
Journey R14, H26
Journey to Pompeii - R75, S75-76
Journeyman Project 1 S65-66
Journeyman Proj 2:Buried inTime H58, S41&41
Journeyman Proj 3:Legacy of Time MR53, P53, H54, S56-57
Judge Dredd T43
Jumanji B42
Jungle Quest R28, S29
Jungle Strike R64
Jurassic Park B23, V26
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis - R86, H86&87

Kaged - MR73
Kids, Don't Eat ..(Part of Speed IF2) - R79
Kindred Spririts B29
King Arthur's Kort R36
King of Chicago S41
Kingdom - The Far Reaches R41, S43
Kingdom 2: Shadoan - S77
Kingdom o' Magic - R54, S73-75
Kingdom Under Fire - H71
Kingpin - R71
King's Quest I R10, H5
King's Quest I (VGA remake) - P74
King's Quest II R10, H7&21&36, S14
King's Quest III R10, H9&34&36&40&43, S41
King's Quest IV R10, H1&20&25&34&41, S33&53
King's Quest V R16, M16, H16&20&25&42, S54-57
King's Quest VI R25, H25&41&52-53, S26
King's Quest VII R38&53, H40-43, S61
King's Quest VIII MR59, P59, S59-60, R76
Kingsley's Mansion R45, H37&45, S46
Kiss Psycho Circus: Nightmare Child - H88
Kith and Kin -- A61
Klaustrophobia MR32
Klingon Honour Guard N55, P58, R58, H58&69
Knight Life (ZX emul) R48
Knight Life B29
Knight Orc H7&34&36&37, S10-11
Knightmare S17
Knights (PD) R54
Knights and Merchants R68, H58&68
Knights of Dark Renown B70
Knights of the Sky R27
Knightwoode R37
Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge - S90
Kobayashi Maru T68
Kook-U R55, S55
KQuest R45, S64
KQuest II R45, H38
Kristal - The H33, S10
Kult S10
Kyodai - R76

Labour Pains R38
Labours of Hercules R37
Labrynth of Zeux A50
Labyrinth of Crete R53
Labyrinth of Time - S85
Lady in Green Prev 26, R23
Lady, Mage and Knight N54&55&59, P54
Lancelot R1&32, H1&33&38
Land Beyond the Picket Fence - R76, S77, R69, S60
Land, The R38
Lands of Lore R31&34, A34, H34&37&41&43-46, S27-29
Lands of Lore 2 R51, P45&51, H54&57
Lands of Lore 3 N56&57&59, R61 & 65, S65-66
Lara Croft: Angel of Darkness - R(I)81, P81
Largo Winch - S88-89
Larn R14&27
Larry the Lemming ... R39
Lasar R22, H22
Last City S61
Last Continent B60
Last Express R49, P49, H49
Last Half of Darkness R22, H22&30, S62
Last Hero - B76
Last Rune series - B83
Le Chuck's Revenge (S, MI3) P45
Leather Goddesses of Phobos R2&11, H2&35&40&43-46, S15-17, M16
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 R19, H19&43>, S20
Legacy of Kain: Defiance - R88
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver II - H81
Legacy of Soracil (HQ2) R36&38, H38
Legacy of Time - See Journeyman Proj 2
Legacy R26&34, R19, H19&20&24
Legancy of Baldork R48
Legend Lives! R47, S48
Legend of Djel R3
Legend of Faerghail R11, H11&32
Legend of Kyrandia R25, H42, S23
Legend of Kyrandia 2 R30, S60-61, R73
Legend of Kyrandia 3 R38, H38
Legend of Lothian R25&26, S26
Legend of the Red Dragon R63, H71
Legend of the Sword R13, P13, H2&39, S3
Legends B69
Legends of Valour R23&50, H50
Legref's Castle R66
Leisure Suit Larry I H15&37&43, S37
Leisure Suit Larry II R1, H1&20&41, S10-11
Leisure Suit Larry III R8, H6&25, S8
Leisure Suit Larry V R19, S19
Leisure Suit Larry VI S32
Leisure Suit Larry VII MR48, P48, S51
Lemmings R20, H20&24
Lemmings 2 R28, H29
Lemmings Paintball - R84, H84
Leopold the Minstrel (ZX emul) R49
Les Manley: Lost in LA - R85, S28
Lessons of the Tortoise R60, S61&68
Lethal Formula S36
Lethe Flow Phoenix S62
Letters From Home - MR73, S89
Liath - R(I)81, S81, P81
Library Prev 17
Life After Death R27
Lifeboat R10, H10
Light Fantastic B49, A61
Light:Shelby's Addendum S58
Lightbringer - S81
Lighthouse MR48, P48, R65, S78-79
Lightiania R59&60, S60
Lightless Dome B47
Limbo of the Lost Prev 12
Lineage - R(I)90
Lineage II - R(I)90, P90
Little Big Adventure S42-44&45-47
Little Big Adventure 2 - MR50, P(M)50&53, H70, S50-53
Little Big Adventure 2 : Twinsen's Odyssey - R71&79
Little Billy - MR73
Loch Ness - S87-88, P87
Loco-commotion - R78
London C>I>T>Y> 2000 - S79
Longest Journey R69, H68
Looking for Godot S48
Loom R9&13, P9, H9&25
Lord of the Isle R25
Lord of the Realms III - R(I)90, P90
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship OTR(movie) - A82-84
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - H90
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers - A86-88
Lord of the Rings: War of the Rings - A86
Lords and Ladies B55
Lords of Chaos R24
Lords of Magic - H79, H83
Lords of Magic Special Edition - R75, H63&83
Lords of Time R3, H4&25, S7, M10-15
Lost Dutchman Mine R6
Lost Eden - R37, H37, S89
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes - R23, H23, S73
Lost in Space R31&32, M37
Lost in Time R43, S37&51-52
Lost Kingdom of Zkul - R89
Lost Property R46
Lost Spellmaker R56
Lost Stone Mansion Prev 17, R19
Lost Treasures, Infocom Vol 1 R19
Lost Treasures, Infocom Vol 2 R21
Lost Vikings - H43, H83
Love's Fiery Rapture R28
Lure of the Temptress R21&22&23&27, H24&25, S22, M22
Lurking Horror MR33, R8, H1&35&37, S2
Lying Down S68

Machiavelli: the Prince - H72
Mad Bomber - The A55
Maddog Williams S16
Madhouse R42, S38
Magic Boy A40
Magic Carpet H48
Magic Carpet 2 - H77
Magic Inlay - R89
Magic Mansion R16, S64
Magic Mountain R40
Magic Realms 1 - See Sword of Kasza
Magic Shop, The R11, P11, H11, S12
Magic the Gathering R48&49&50, P45&48, A47&48&50-60&66
Magic the Gathering :Battlemage R56, S57-58
Magic the Gathering :Duel of Planewalkers N52
Magic the Gathering :Manalink N52, A53
Magic the Gathering :Spells of the Ancients A51, P51
Magic the Gathering: Battleground - R89,P89
Magic Toyshop R57
Magic Worlds R23
Magnetic Scrolls Collection - R86
Mahjong Towers II - R88
Maiden of the Moonlight R62
MailWasher - A83
Majesty - H72, R(I)81, H82
Majesty: Northern Expansion - R(I)82
Malcolm's Revenge - See Legend of Kyrandia 3
Malinche Entertainment - A85
Manalink - See Magic the Gathering
Manchester United PL Champs H33
Manhunter New York R1, H2&33&39
Manhunter San Francisco R3&5, P3, S5-6
Maniac Mansion R5, S5&23, H14
Mansion R67
Mapper (utility) R12
Maroon R33, S34
Marooned - MR73
Marooned Again R23, S36
Martian Chronicles - R52, S85
Martian Memorandum - S88-89
Maskerade B40&57
Masque of the Last Faeries - MR73
Masquerade - MR73
Master of Dimensions H51
Master of Orion - H74, H83&89
Master Ultima B16
Masterpiece Collection R40
Matter of Time R46
Max Payne - R78
Maze - The R23&24, S24
Maze Quest R46
McAfee's Anti-virus A48
McMurphy's Mansion R13, H31, S59
Mech Commander - H72
Mechfight R34
Mechwarrior 4 - H75
Medal of Honour Allied Assault - R79
Medal of Honour Allied Assault: Spearhead - R(I)81, P81, H85
Medieval War R44
Medieval: Total War - H85
Mega Lo Mania R24, H23
Mel Odious Goes Six String.. R51
Men at Arms B56
Men in Black H55
Men in Black 2 - A84-867
Menzoberranzan R36, H40&41, S39-42
Mercenary 3 S52
Merchant Colony R17
Merchant Prince II - H73
Mercy Mission MR14
Mercy R54&56, S54&56
Meridian 59 - A76
Merlin's Golden Trove R32, S44
Merlin's Magic Forest R32, S40
MessyDOS A57
Metamorphoses - MR73
Micro Adventurer Magazine B19
Microsoft Train Simulator - R(I)81, P81
Middle Earth N57
Midnight Thief H22&25
Midwinter R6, P6
Might and Magic (series) H34, A79
Might and Magic 2 H12&17, S27
Might and Magic 3 - H74, H83, R25, H25-30&50&64
Might and Magic 4 R26, H26&33&44&45&47-52&60&61, H83, S28-32, M28-32
Might and Magic 5 R29, S33-41, H44&51&60&61, M33-41, H75
Might and Magic 6 A49, P55, N54&55&56, R55&60&69, H55-58&60&62, S57-68, M57-68, H72&73&74, H84
Might and Magic 7 N55&56&59, R64&68, H64&67&68, R71, H75-79
Might and Magic 8 - R71, H70, H77&78
Might and Magic 9 - R78, H79, R83, H82
Might and Magic:World of Xeen - See M&M IV and V
Mille Bornes - R87
Mimail.J - A88
Mind Electric R56
Mind Forever Voyaging S1
Mindfighter S10
Mindshadow R54
Mines of Lithiad R21, H21
Mirage - S88
Miser's House R53, S51
Mission Asteroid S62
Mission Critical R63, P63, H46&47
Mission R11, S13
Mission's End R57
Mistery - R82, S82-83, P82&83
Mistmare - R88(I)
Mold 1: Deep Space Awakening R22, S23
Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail H59
Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time - S90
Monty Python's Meaning of Life - S79-82
Moon Mountain Adventure - S38, S71
Moon Tycoon - R87, H87
Moonmist MR33, S2-5
Mop and Murder Prev 17, R36
Morabis I R47
Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven R45
Moraff's Revenge R20
Moraff's World R29&66
Mordor 2 - R59, R66, H65
Moria R26
Morrowind - A71-76, P71&74, R81&88, H81-83&89, A89(2)
Mort B50
Mortal Kombat A39
Mortville Manor H38, S15
Mother Loose R62
Mountain Adventure R25
Moving Pictures B53
Mugsy's Revenge R36
Mulldoon Legacy, The S65-66
Multi-dimensional Thief Prev 17, R19&33&47, H19
Mummy Returns - A87&88
Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh - S71
Murder He Said R33
Murder Mystery Weekend (ZX) R49
Murder of Jane Kranz - Prev 26, R46, S72
Murder on Violet Island R57
Murder R13
Murders in Space - S88
Murders in Venice R5, P5, H8, S15
Museum Mystery - R83
Museum The R15
Mutant R1, S6, M6
My Angel - MR73
My First Stupid Game A54
Myst R31&50, R74, H31, P(M)53, S32&51-55
Myst 3 - R(I)74, S75-76, R82&86, S82-83, M83
Mysterious Journey 2: Chameleon - R(I)89
Mysterious Realm R22, H22
Mysterious Song R69
Mystery 2144AD R29, S30
Mystery House - S79
Mystery of Nosgoth - A88
Mystery of the Druids - R(I)75, H75, P75, S75-76, R82, S82-83
Mystic Realms of Alhazar N58
Mystic Towers A48
Mystic Well R23&39
Myth (Mag Scrolls) R2, S2
Myth (PD) R51
Myth (TADS) R62, S62
Myth 2 - P56&59, N56&59, MR59, H59
MythMaster R28&61

Nameless One (ZX emul) R60
Nancy Drew: Deception Island - R88(I), P88
Nancy Drew: Final Scene - S89, P89
Nancy Drew: Haunted Carousel - R88(I)
Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower - R83, S83
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion - R74, S75
Nascar Racing A63
Nations, The - see Alien Nations
Nebula R29, S25&30&53
Necrodome - H90
Necronomicron - S89, P89
Nectar of the Gods R34, S40
Neighbours from Hell - R89, S89, P89
Nemesis:The Wizardry Adventure MR47
Neocron - P79
Nethack R22
Netsky.D - A89
Neverhood R49, P49, H49&50, S78
Nevermore - MR73
Neverwinter Nights - R(I)83, H83
Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide - A84
New Adventures of the Time Machine - R82, P82-84, S82-84
New Arrival Prev 15, R16, P15, H17
New England Gothic Prev 17, R30, H30, S32
New Stubb City R40
New Venue, The - R76, H76
New York by Knight B23
Night at the Top R34
Night in the Museum Forever R50, S47&50
Night of the Vampire Bunnies R66
Night of the Walking Dead R32, H37, S37
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy - R71
Nightstone - R85
Nine - S88
Nirvana R29, S33
Nitemare 3D R45
NMR R60, S47
NMR2 R61, S61
Noir - S87
Nomad Soul see Omicron
Nord and Bert R12, H12-13&15-20
Normality S44-45&66
North and South R33, H15&33
Northland - R85
Nostradamus A64-66
Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina R65
Nox R68
NPC Spellbook Generators R55
Nuclear Submarine Adventure R37

Oath and the Measure B29
Obscure Naturalist R25&38, S38-40, M38&40
Obsidian R49, P49, H49&55, S88-90
Ocean Trader - H84
Oceana R30
Oddworld 1:Abe's Oddesey H57
Oddworld 2:Abe's Exodus H59
Odieus' Quest H6
Odyssey P69
Of Forms Unknown R56&73
Official Book of Ultima B14
Oh Boy S65
Oklib's Revenge - Prev 26, R24, S81
Omikron: Nomad Soul R67 & 69
Omnicron Conspiracy R11
Once a King R2&14, H9, S20
One That Got Away, The S62
Ooze R7&58, H8, M8, S8
Operation Blue Sunrise Prev 12, MR14, R25
Operation Meteor R40
Operation Stealth R9&28, H9, S10
Orion Burger S69
Orion Conspiracy R44, S41
OS, 2 Warp A41
Out of a Dark Night Sky R39
Outpost H40
Overball - R86
Overseer - See Tex Murphy:Overseer

Pagan Puppy R63
Palace Adventure S70
Palace of Deceit R46
Palyh Virus - A84
Pandora Directive MR48, P48, H48&50, S49-51
Pandora's Box R65, P65
Panzer Commander R67
Paradox Effect S64
Paranoia MR14
Paranormal Palace S58
Parched Sea B25
Past Tense R55
Patrician 2 - R89
Pawn, The R7&16, H1&16&35, S17, M17
Pax Imperium R69
Pax Romana - R88(I)
Pay Off - The MR14, R29, S3
PC Games Bible B23
Peg-Leg Pete Project - R73 (updates)
Pentari S66
Pepper's Adventures in Time R62
Perdition's Flames R27
Perfect Gamer R63
Pern P54
Pern Series, Anne McCaffrey B34
Perry Mason, Mandarin Murders R21, S21
Persistance of Vision A43
Personal Nightmare H4
Pesach Adventure R52
Phantasie I H6
Phantasie II H4&5
Phantasie III H37
Phantasmagoria R44&49, S63-64
Phantasmagoria 2 P45
Phantom Zone Prev 15
Phantoms R32
Pharaoh R64, H64 (demo)&67&68&69&70, R71, H71, S74-77
Philip Marlowe - S79
Philosopher's Quest R35
Photopia R62
Physikus - R(I)84, H84, S90
Pickpocket - MR73
Picture Pyramid - R89
Piggery Jokery - R83, S57
Pilgrim - R78, S78-79
Pilot - The R55, S55
Pinball Dreams R21
Pinball Fantasies H33
Pirate Island R22, H22
Pirates Gold! H45-46
Pirates! R47
Pits of Angband R41
Pizza Connection 2 - R78
Pizza Tycoon H47&48
Plan 9 From Outer Space R30, S38
Planescape Torment R70, H69&82
Planet of the Infinite Minds - MR73
Planetarion R67
Planetfall H1, S10-11
Planet's Edge H45
Plastic Angel N58
Plundered Hearts R12, H6&20&21&26&36
Poing A38
Polgara A52&53
Police Quest I H5&22&25&35&37, S28&55
Police Quest II R1, H1&3&41, S28
Police Quest III R29
Police Quest IV R38, H44, S45
Pong A38
Pool of Darkness S24
Pool of Radiance R55, H43&55, S48-50
Pool of Radiance 2: Ruins of Myth Drannor - R(I)75&79, R77, S78-84, M84
Populous H43
Populous III:The Beginning MR58&67, R69, H58&67, P58
Pork II R8&14, H9, S18, M18
Pork R8, H8, S15
Port Royale - R(I)84
Poseidon - R85
Poseidon: Master of Atlantis - R(I)74, H74&77, P74
Power F1 A63
Powermonger (strategy) H23
Powquatsi R27
Praetorians - H90
Prelude R40
Premier Manager R24
Premier Manager 2 R66
Price of Magik - The R3, H6, S9
Prince of Persia 2 R25, H25
Prince of Qin - R81 (demo)
Prince of Qin Gold - R(I)89
Prince R5
Prisoner of Ice H46, S56
Privateer - H79
Prodly the Puffin - MR73
Professional Football Masters R25
Project Eden - H79
Prologue (to Return to C, Cave) S44
Promoted! R55
Psychic Detective S64
Psycho Ward R40, S39
Punk Points - MR73
Purchased Sight Unseen Prev 26
Push Over R22
Puzzle Gallery R18
Puzzle Inlay - R87, H87
Pyramid of Muna MR14, R26, H26
Pyramid of Peril R40&44, H40, S41
Pyramid R17, H17, S52
Pyramids B52
Pyst MR47

Quake - R53, H76
Quake 2 - H54-58
Quake 3 - H65&67&68
Quantum Gate MR43
Quantum Leap A26-33
Quantum Leap Book B39
Quenzar R46
Quest for Glory 1 H37-38, S10-11
Quest for Glory 4 R32, H32, S33&56-58, M56&58
Quest for Glory 5 - R73, H60&62&63, S59
Quest for the Black Pearl Prev 26, R62, H38, S46
Quest for the Holy Grail S15, M15
Quest, The - R76
Questron 1 - S84
Questron 2 S12
Quiet Weekend in Capri - R(I)89
Quivering, The - S88
Quozl B29

Rades - R73
Radiaki - H81
Rage of Mages N57, MR57, R61, H57, P57
Rage of Mages 2: Neuromancer - H84, H86
Ragnarok R39, P39
Railroad Pioneer - R(I)90, P90
Railroad Tycoon R15, H23&29
Railroad Tycoon 2 - H59&71&81
Railroad Tycoon 3 - R(I)87, H87
Raise the Titanic R39, A42
Ralph R56
Rama - R61, H51&62, S74-77
Rameses - MR73
Raptor A66
Rats! A57
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession R32, H32&38&41&65, S34
Ravenloft 2:Stone Prophet S46-48&64-65
Ravers Vs Peaceniks - R72
Raymond Pringle .... R39
Realm of Hakron R42&67
Realms of the Haunting R50, H50, S51-54
Realms R20
Reaperman B54
Reaping the Dungeon R45
Rebel Assault 2 R42
Red Alchemy R52
Red Dwarf, Infinity B27
Red Faction - H79
Red Magic B25
Red Moon R3, S8&21
Red Planet S23
Redguard - N55, R63, H59, R74, H74, S75-76
Reger24.de - A87
Relics of Deldroneye - S36, S85
Reporter R33
Reruns Again Prev 26, R46
Rescue of Fair Princess... Prev 17, R18, H18
Research Dig R58&61&63, S61
Resident R56
Restaurant Empire - H85
Restaurant Tycoon - R(I)87, H88
Restaurant, End of the Universe T60
Retarded Creatures ... R37
Return of the Phantom S26
Return to Castle Wolfenstein - R77, H77
Return to Earth R23
Return to Eden R2, H4, S5
Return to Krondor N54-55&58, P45&55, S72-73
Return to Zork R29&45, M37, S37, H57
Return to Zork: Another Story - MR73
Revenant N56&59, P56, H68, R72
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Benders - R41, S76
Riddle of Master Lu (Ripley 1) R40&41, H42, S43
Riders of Rohan R16, H16
Rift - The R31&42, A54
Rimworld - S27&71
Ring R65, P69&70, S69-71, P71
Rings for Bony Fingers S63
Rings of Medusa H43, S15
Ringworld R26, S63
Ripper S62-63
Rise of the Dragon R19, H16
Rise of the Triad R43, H44
Riven - S82-83, P50&82&83
Roberta Williams Anthology R59
Robin Hood R17, H17, S24
Robot City MR44
Robot Dreams B24
Rock Manager - R(I)79
Rocket Ranger R18
Rocketeer - S90
Rollercoaster Tycoon - R60&R62, H60&62&66&69, H74
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 - H85
Roman Mystery R20
Rome AD 42 H61
Ronin:Legend of the Five Rings N57, P57
Rowan, The B45
Rubies of Eventide - A84
Runaway - R86, S86
Rune Spear B40
Runner (utility) R26
RWAP Software - A86

Sabre Team R23, H23
Sacred Mirror of Kofun MR60, P60, H60&62, H78
Safecracker R52, H52, S60
Sam and Max Hit the Road R28, H28&30&34, S30
Samegame - R77
Sam's Unexcellent Adv (ZX emul) R52
Sanatorium - R79, S71-73, H74
Sanctuary R49, H49, S56&66
Sanitarium R67
Sanity Clause Prev 17, MR33, R27
Sanity: Aiken's Artifact H69
Sarakon A45
Savage - H87
Savage Empire R34
Scapeghost R3&16, H3&16
Sea of Night R57, S57
Sea Phantom R32, S62
Seadogs 2 - P79
Seafort Saga - B72
Search for the Nether Regions R48
Second Pit - S81
Secret of Little Hodcombe R37
Secret of Monkey Island 1 R13, P13, H12&15&17-25, A88
Secret of Monkey Island 2 R18, H17&19&20&22&34, S18-19
Secret of Monkey Island 3(CoMI) MR52, P45&52, H55&61, S52-53
Secret of Monkey Island 4 P66
Secret Texts Trilogy - A84
Secret Weapons of Normandy - A90
Secrets R63
Sega Rally A64
Sentinel R, H4
Septerra Core R70
Servants of Ark B22
Settlers 1 Prev 31, R32&33&60, H31&33&60, A33
Settlers 2 R45, H45-48&59&62-63&65-68
Settlers 3:Mission CD MR60, P60
Settlers 4 - H75, R90
Seven Kingdoms H54
Seven Kingdoms 2 H64
Seven Kingdoms II: Fryghton Wars - H73
Shade - MR73
Shades A31-34, A90
Shades of Grey Prev 26, R25, H25
Shadow Keep R31
Shadow of a Dark Queen B33
Shadow of the Beast I S24
Shadow of the Beast II H23, S27
Shadow of the Beast III S25
Shadow of the Comet S54
Shadow of Yserbius and Fates of Twinion R31&38, H33&38, S32-39, M32-39
Shadowbane - P71
Shadowcaster R33
Shadowgate H9&38&40, S1&S14-16
Shadowlands R19&20&22
Shadows Fall B40
Shadows Over Riva S51-52
Shanghai Dynasty R/A69
Shannara MR42, R47, H44, S45-47
Shards of Time MR14, H3, S4-6
Sherlock (Infocom) R2
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 3 S46-48
Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Rose Tattoo - H51&52, S79-82
Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy - R82, S82-84, P82
Sherwood Prev 17
Shield of Destiny - R78, H78
Shivers 1 R42, H49, S45-48
Shivers 2 R49, P49, H49, S72
Shogo R59, P59
Shogun: Total War H69
Shrek - F76, A89-90
Shrouded Isles - A83
Sierra Delete R41
Sign of the Sun - S86
Silence of the Lambs R67
Silicon Dreams R2
Silver R60&66, P66
Silverload - S84
Sim Theme Park - H89
SimAnt H48
SimCity R8, P8, H23&24&33&43&53&63&65-67
SimCity 2000 - R30, H50, H89
SimCity 3000 - R59, H59, H71&73&76&77&79
SimCity 4 - A83
SimCopter MR47, P47
SimEarth - R86
SimIsle MR44
Simon the Sorcerer 1 R57, H41, S30&62-63, P62-63
Simon the Sorcerer 2 R43&57, H43&46, S44-45
Simon the Sorcerer 3D - R(I)78, P78, R81&84, S81-83
SimPark P45
Sims - A81, H71&72&77, R65, P65, H65-66
Sims 2 - R(I)90, P90
Sims Double Deluxe - H88&90
Sims Livin' Large - H84&85
Sims Makin' Magic - H88
Sims Online - Prev 79, A79
Sims Superstar - R(I)84, H86
Sims, Livin' Large - H70, H77
SimSafari H65
SimTheme Park H70
SimTower H56
SiN H58, P58
Sinbad R24, S25, M25
Sins Against Mimesis R54
Sir Ramic Hobbs ... R9&14&37, H36, S41
Sir Ramic Hobbs and the Oriental Wok - S90
Skateboard Park Tycoon - R86, P86
Ski Adventure R51, H51, S53
Ski Resort Tycoon - H85
Skullduggery R40
Skyglobe R23
Skylands Star - R28, R83
Slacker X S65
Sleeping Gods Lie R3, S4
Sleuth R23
Sliders A45
Small Gods B23&55
Small World S62
Small World 2 R68
Snow Joke R39
Snowball R2, S4
So You Want to be a Guru? R39, P39
Solarpix R23
Solo Assault A42
Something About the Bunny - R73, S74
Son of Ali Baba R32, S65
Son of Lost Property R46
Son of Stagefright MR14
Song for Taliesin R45
Sorcerer H4
Soul Music B56
Soulbringer - N57, P57, R77, H81
Souldrinker R7, S15, M15
Sound of One Hand Clapping R38&44, H40, S57
Sourcery B51
Space Aliens ... Prev 26, R21, H21, S22, M22
Space Colony - R87, P87
Space Cowboys - A88&89
Space Empires 2 R46
Space Empires 4 H68
Space Invaderz - R77
Space Jest R40
Space Mule - S73
Space Quest Collection R58
Space Quest 1 H6&20&25&50, S20&53-54
Space Quest 1 - VGA S56
Space Quest 2 R53, H6&35&36, S28
Space Quest 3 R2, S2&3, H2&20&21
Space Quest 4 R23, H30&33
Space Quest 5 R24&25, H24&33&49&50, S25
Space Quest 6 - S75-76
Space Rogue R10, P10, S28
SPAG - A89
Spectrum Emulator for Amiga A33
Speed IF 2 - R79
Speed IF#2 (the game)(Part of Speed IF2) - R79
Spellbreaker H5, H10
Spellcasting 101 R11, H13
Spellcasting 201 - S74
Spellcasting 301 R24, H24, S25
Spellcasting series - R33, A78
Spellforce: The Order of Dawn - R(I)89, A89
Spelunker's TCA Prev 17, R18, H18
Sphere B&F54
Spider and Web R56
Spiderman (movie) - A83-85
Spiderman H8, S9
Spielraum R25
Spirit of Excalibur R21
Spiritwrak H53
Spiro Legacy R15, H20&25, S26
Split File Shell Extension A62
Spodgeville Murphy R65
Spur R57, S61
Spycraft R45
SpySnatcher R27
Squynchia Adventure S7, M7
SSI RPG Series A56
STAC H3&6&8&12&13&14&26
Star Flaws R39
Star Fleet Academy R51
Star Portal R10, S11
Star Trail H41, S42-43
Star Trek 21: My Enemy, My Ally B68
Star Trek 25th Anniversary H29&39, S30-31
Star Trek 34: The Pandora Principle - B75
Star Trek A24-48&53-58
Star Trek Armada - H86
Star Trek Away Team - R79, H86
Star Trek Borg H61
Star Trek Comic Books B24
Star Trek DS9: Epis Guide A62-67
Star Trek DS9: Emissary - T82
Star Trek DS9: The Long Night B56
Star Trek DS9: Warped B57
Star Trek Encyclopaedia R63
Star Trek Final Frontier T65
Star Trek First Contact B58
Star Trek Generations R70
Star Trek Insurrection P61
Star Trek Judgement Rites R34, S37-38
Star Trek Klingon S70
Star Trek Memories B36
Star Trek Starfleet Command - H72&78
Star Trek The First Adventure - B72
Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity P(M) 53, S39-40&53-54
Star Trek TNG: Contamination T43
Star Trek TNG: Dragon's Honor B57
Star Trek TNG: Gulliver's Fugitives - T82
Star Trek TNG: Rogue Saucer B58
Star Trek TNG: Silence - B75
Star Trek Omnipedia A39
Star Trek Voyager: Echoes B69
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force H68, R73, H78
Star Trek Voyager: Seven of Nine B62
Star Trek Voyager: A52&56
Star Trek Voyager: Ghost of a Chance B56
Star Trek Voyager: Marooned B57
Star Trek Voyager: Mosaic B56
Star Wars Episode 1:Phantom Menace - A78, R62, H62
Star Wars Force Commander H66
Star Wars Galactic Battleground - A88, H90
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi outcast - H82
Star Wars Rogue Squadron H59
Star Wars Tie Fighter R32
Starbase 13 R29, S31
Starcraft H55&56&65-67
Starcross MR34, H1, S17
Starflight R7, P7, H43
Starflight 2 H23&42
Stargate Atlantis - A89
Stargate SG-1 - A72-79
Stargazer R69
Stark B27
Starlord R31
Stars R23
Starship Columbus R35, S9
Starship Titanic - MR55, P55, H58&64, B59, S81-82
Starwrek R22&34
Stationfall H34&36
Still Laughing at my Cardigan - S81
Stolen - Landmark? - of Delos R49, S60
Stone Cell - R77
Stone of Farewell B27
Stonekeep R43, H40&43&45, S49-53
Stoneville Manor R52, H33, S53
Storm Master R23
Storms R23
Strangers - The B44
Strangers in the Night R68, H68, S67
Streetfighter 2 A34, H34
Streets of SimCity - H59, H90
Strife - H76
Stronghold MR45
Stronghold: Crusader - R(I)87, H87&88, P87
Strunkenwhite Virus - A90
Stupid Kittens - MR73
Suicide or Murder R4
Suitcase, The R38
Summoner - R83
Sun and Moon - R82
Sunset over Savannah R56
Super Bounce Out - R81
Super Candy Cruncher - R82
Super Gem Drop - R83
Super Jigsaw Great Art - R88
Super Jigsaw Landscapes - R84
Super Jigsaw Medley - R84
Super Jigsaw Wyland's Whales - R86
Super Nisqually - R79
Super Pop 'n' Drop - R85
Super Text Twist - R79
Superhero League of Hoboken R40, H42
Supernova R23, H23, S24
Supremacy R15
Survivor R28
Susan, A Lustful Game R23, S24
Suspect R5, S12, M12
Suspended S1
Suspicious Cargo R21, S22-23
Swen virus - A86
Sword of Kasza R54, S58
Swords and Sorcery N54
Swords of Xeen R69, H47&49&51&69
Syber1a 2 - R90, P90
Syberia - R85 (two), S85-86, P78
Sydney Mystery - R85, A85, S85, P85
Syndicate R27
Syndicate Wars R51, H51&52
SynWin A38&39&41
SynWin 96 A44
System Shock R36
System Shock 2 N58&59

T Zero R31
TADS A21&22&24&29-30&32-33&42&44&55-60 & A81-86
TADS Programming - A61-79
TADS Tutorial R63
Tai-Eliel - A84
Tale in the Desert - A77, A83
Tales of Tavisa Prev 17, R27, H27
Talisman R33, H36, S37
Tamoret R13&14, S13
Tangle Box, The B38
Tark S6&9, M6
Tass Times in Tonetown S70
Taxman Cometh R36, S45
Technomage - R(I)78, H78, R81, S81-83
Teen Agent R43
Tempest Prev 26, R32&68
Temple of Elemental Evil - R(I)87, H87, P87
Temporal Misplacement R39
Temujin - R71
Teradesk (utility) R25
Terminal Velocity R68, H44
Terror in the Ice Caverns S17, M17
Terry Pratchett - A90
Test, The (Ken Bond) R29
Test, The - S88
Tex Murphy: Overseer MR54, P54, R59, H55&61, S59-60
Text Game Compiler Prev 27
The Amazing Maurice - B78
The Hand that Rocks the Pumpkin (Part of Speed IF2) - R79
The Longest Journey - R(I)77, R75, S77-78
The Matrix - A79
The Pumpkin (Part of Speed IF2)- R79
Theatre R56, S50&56
Theme Hospital - H52, S62-68, H83
Theme Park H36
Theme Park Mystery S14
Theme Park World - R71
Thief - The R5&6, H8, S9, M9
Thief 2: The Metal Age R67, H71, H66&67, H88
Thief Gold - R67, H72&73
Thief of Time B73
Thief the Dark Project - N54&56&58, H59&67, S74-77, H74
Third Courier - The R8
This Other Eden B28&29
Thorgal's Quest - see Curse of Atlantis
Threading the Labyrinth - MR73, R75, S76
Throne of Darkness - R75&78
Thunderscape H57, S58-664
Tie Fighters Collectors CD R65
Tierra info - A82
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 - H87
Time and Magik R3&38
Time Gate: Knight's Chase - S89
Time Killer #1:Claustrophobia R49, S52
Time Machine - See New Adventures of the Time Machine
Time Paradox - S88
Time Quest - R14, H14&15, S87
Time R7, P7, H7
Time Squared Prev 26, R27
Time Traveller R41, S58
Time: All Things Must Come to an End R66
Timelapse R54, H48&54, P54
Timeless Empire R43
Timeline - R79
Times of Lore R14, H14, S15, M15
TimeZone - S78
Titanic - H72
Titanic, Adventure Out Of Time - MR55, P55, H56, S74
Titanic:Undersea Exploration H56
To Catch a Rainbow - R74
Toil and Trouble S22, M22
Tolkien - A77-79>
Tomb of the Ancient Pharaohs Prev 17, R20&35
Tomb Raider R50
Tomb Raider 2 MR52, R56, P52, H56&65&70
Tomb Raider 3 MR58, H58, P58
Tomb Raider 4 H66
Tomb Raider 4: Last Revelation - S72-77
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - H90
Tomb Raider: Last Revelation - H67&89
Tomb Raider: Lost Artifact - H87
Tommy's Manor S53
Toonesia S61
Toonstruck MR47, R48, P48, H47, S48-49
Torch and Thing S5
Torin's Passage MR42, R51&56, H44&56, S46-47
Total Annhil:Core Contingency N54
Total Annihilation - R52, P52, H74
Total Paddling Mania R67
Total Recall A44
Touché: The Fifth Musketeer S69
Traffic Giant - R68 (demo), H77
Trailer Park Tycoon - R90
Trainz - R87
Transfer - MR73
Transport Tycoon R34
Travels in the Land of Erden R69, S70
Treasure Hunt Jersey S23
Treasure Island (River) Prev 16
Treasure Island (Wyndham) S60
Treasure of the New Kingdom R23
Treasures, Savage Frontier R61, S26
Trevor Chan's Restaurant Tycoon - see Restaurant Tycoon
Trials and Tribulations R16&38, P16, S16, M16
Tribunal - R(I)89
Trick or Treat R41
Trinity (Borphee) R43
Trinity (Infocom) MR34, R7, H8&21, S20
Trip, The - MR73
Trivial Pursuit R46
Troll's Grindstone B19
Tropico - H74&75, R84, H84
Tropico 2: Pirate Cove - H85
Truth, The B70
Tryst of Fate R64
TSR Archive - A89
Tube - The R6, H23
Tube Trouble S48
Tunnels and Trolls - S86
Twas a Time of Dread R54
Twilight Zone H14
Twinsen's Odyssey - See Little Big Adventure 2
Two Sides of the Coin R70
Tyrian 2000 - H81
Tzar - H86

UHS - See Universal Hint System
Ultima 1 - S87
Ultima 1 3D P70
Ultima 2 - S9, S73
Ultima 4 H4&5&6
Ultima 5 R10&13, P10, H10-14&19&25&33, M14
Ultima 6 A24
Ultima 7, 2:Serpent Isle R32, S33-44
Ultima 7:Black Gate R30, H29&31, S39-42
Ultima 7:Forge of Virtue R30, S39-41
Ultima 8 - H82-84
Ultima 8:Pagan R30&38, H30, S30-32&42
Ultima 9: Ascension - R75, H74-76, N55&57, A42&43&66, R66, H65
Ultima Online N55&58, A54&60&61
Ultima Underworld - R19&31, S29-33, A76
Ultima Underworld II R23&31, H29, S37-42, M37-42
Ultimate Virus Killer R24
Ultimuh R35
Ultizurk III R46
Unbalanced Earth B22
Unborn One R53, S53
Unchartered Waters 2 - H79
Uncle Zebulon's Will R42, H42, S43
Under a Killing Moon - R34&47, H47, S87
Underdogs - A78
Underground Adventure R56, S56
Underoos That Ate New York - R51, H51, S52, S68
Undo R55
Undying - R72
Uninvited R1, H38, S6-7
Universal Hint System (UHS) R53
Universe R34
Universe 3 R9
Unknown A59
Unnkulia One-Half MR34, R26, S27
Unnkulia X - MR73
Unnkulia Zero MR34, R25, H25
Unnkulian Unventure 1 MR34, R19, H34, S21
Unnkulian Unventure 2 MR34
Unreal N58
Unreal II: The Awakening
Unreal Tournament - R72
Urban Runner - S89
Uru: Ages Before Myst - R87
Utopia R17&62, H23&24&62

Valhalla H34, S35-36
Valhalla Before the War S37-39
Vampire Diaries - S72
Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption - R69, H83
Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation - R72
Veil of Darkness - S72, R27&36&43, H44
Vengeance of Excalibur R21
Versailles 1685 - S78
Vid Grid 67
Village - The MR14
Vindaloo S61
Virtual Corporation S70
Virtual Mode B29
Virus info - A82&85&87
Visual Paradox - A86
Void - R72
Void: Corporation - MR73
Volcano Isle - R75, S76
Voodoo 2 A56-58
Voodoo Doll - R71
Voodoo Nightmare S24-25&28-30
Vor Game B36
Voyeur R39
Voyeur 2 - S85, R54, S51

Wadewar 3 R52
Wages of War - H76
Wages of War: Business of Battle - H88
Walls of Bratock R35
Wanderlust B29
War in Middle Earth H34&41
War of the Worlds (PD) R40
War of the Worlds H60
War Wind 2 H55
Warcraft H47
Warcraft 2 - H48, H79
Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness - H72
Warcraft 3 - H86
Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - H85&90
Warcraft 3: Throne of Chaos - R(I)86
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans - R(I)83, H83
Ward, The - R74, S75-76
Warhammer 40K:Chaos Gate H59
Warhammer: Dark Omen R62
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat - R43, H84
Warlords: Battle Cry H68
Warlords 3: Reign of Heroes H68
Warrior Kings - H84&89
Warwind - H89
Wasteland 2 - H79
Wastelands (Amiga PD) R34
Watchmaker - R86
Waterwheel 3D Screensaver - R90, P90
Waxworks R24, H24&26, S64
Waystation S66
Wearing the Claw R49
Wedding, The - R74, S75
Ween R28, H29, S24
Weird Tales R9
Well of Zol R35
West - R90
What Dreams May Come - F/V77
What Personal Computer? Prev 26, R23, S36
What? No Low Alcohol ... Prev 26, R50, H50, S51, A54
Whatever We Decide to Call This Game R44, H44
What-IF? - MR73
Wheel of Time - N55, H89
Where Evil Dwells R59
Whiplash and Wagonwheel R2, H2, S10
Wibbling Wilf II A49
Wilderness Dreams A61, P61
Wilderness Survival R36
Willy Beamish S19
Win UAE A67
WinAdv v2.1 R45
Windows 95 A40-42&43&48
Windows 98 A56
Windows XP - A89&90
Wing Commander H57&61
Wing Commander IV:Price of Freedom S56-57
Wing Commander: Academy R50
Wing Commander: Fleet Action B36
Wing Commander: Prophecy P53, H56
WinSTon A65
Wish - A90
Wishbringer R6, S1
Witch Hunt H16
Witches Abroad R54
Witches' Brew - B75
Witchfinder R46, M51, S55(PD version)
Withdrawal Symptoms - MR73
Witness MR35
Wizard and Princess 2 S63
Wizard of Oz R48
Wizardry 6 - See Bane of the Cosmic Forge
Wizardry 7 - See Crusaders of the Dark Savant
Wizardry 8 - R83, S83-90, P71&65
Wizardry Gold R55
Wizardry Nemesis MR47, R49, P49, S49-52
Wizards and Warriors - R76, H73, A79, H69
Wizard's Crown H6&37
Wizard's Tower R5&14, H9, S5
Wizball H55
Wolfenstein A38
Wonderland R12, S14
World of Warcraft - R(I)90, P90
World R49, H49&52
World War 2: Normandy - H71
Worm in Paradise R2, S6
Wormhole:The Beginning S45
Worms 2 H55
Worms Armagedoon H60
Wraith Blaster Prev 26, R28
Wraith R68
Wrath of the Gods S43-45
Wrecked - MR73, S89
Wyrd Sisters B51

X Wing R24
X Wing Imperial Pursuit R26
X Wing Strategy Guide B26
X: Beyond the Frontier R66
Xena: Warrior Princess - A72
Xenomorph R6, S9
X-Files R58, A45-52, MR56, P56, S73
X-Files: Ghost in the Machine T63
X-Wing Collectors CD R65

Y2K - S88
Yagwad - MR73
Yahoo Games on Demand - A86
Yendorian Tales Book 1 R47&50, H49
Yendorian Tales Book 1 Chap 2 R48
Yggdrasil S39

Z R48&51&64, P48
Zak McKracken R2&5&28, P2, S6-7
Zanebar R64
Zanfar R47
ZassBall R63
Zeddas - S88
Zenobi Demo CD 11 R63
Zenobi Save Game CD R65
Zenobi Shareware Compilation CD 4 R70
Zenobi Spectrum Classics Collection R55
Zero Sum Game - R53, S87
Zeus - H84&86&88
Zeus: Master of Olympus - R74, H74&77
Zim Greenleaf's Laboratory Prev 26, R28, H28
Zip Magic 98 A62
Zoo Tycoon - R(I)79, H75, A79, H85&89
Zoo Tycoon: Dino Digs - R(I)81, H86
Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania - H86
Zool 2 A65
Zork A Troll's Eye View R55&64
Zork Grand Inquisitor MR52, R55, P52, H54&55, S55
Zork I H3&11&13&21&35, S28
Zork II R14, H4&22&36, S34
Zork III H5&34, S35
Zork Nemesis R43, H43&61, P43, S44-46
Zork Undiscovered Underground R54, S64
Zork Zero S36
Zork: Grand Inquisitor - A72-73
Zuma Deluxe - R90
Zuni Doll R55, S55&62
Zut Alors 1 S52
Zut Alors 2 R40&41
ZXAM v1.6b A40


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