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Just a few of the many adventure-related sites.

Memories of Telecomsoft - Rainbird, Firebird ... cast your mind back ... do you remember these companies and their games? Site by Richard Hewison who programmed the Amiga version of SynTax
An online community that promotes and preserves DOS games by archiving free downloads of every version of classic games, with source code if possible, and works with copyright holders to liberate discontinued classics.
Comprehensive coverage of games software. Golden oldies, lots of unsupported software a.k.a. abandonware to download!
Another massive site of abandonware to download
With special emphasis on 1st person point and click graphic adventures and XP compatibility
Interactive fiction e-books
RWAP Adventures sell the range of Talent adventures for the Sinclair QL (West, Lost Kingdom of Zkul etc) and have converted some of them to run as shareware under Windows.


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