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Photos of the 1991 and 2001 Adventure Conventions

The 1991 Adventure Convention

Photos from Neil Shipman. Click on any of the thumbnails to open a full size picture.

June Rowe, Paul Cardin, John and Mandy Rodrigues, Neil Shipman, Bob Adams, Sue Roseblade, Jackie Trent Julian and Thelma Gregory, June Rowe, Barbara Gibb, Neil Dicon Peake, Neil, Mike Brailsford Neil, Kez Gray, Maurice Pancott, The Grue!, Julian Gregory
Dicon Peake, Sandra Sharkey, Grue, Larry Horsfield, Vicky Jackson Kez Gray, Neil, Allan Phillips, Grue Neil, Mrs Grue, Ken Bond, Dicon Peake, Sandra Sharkey Neil, Barbara Gibb, June Rowe
Grue, Sue Roseblade, Neil Neil (getting his Frob award!), Grue. Kez Gray    

The 2001 Adventure Convention

Here are the photos which I took at the Adventure Convention 2001 which was held at the Allesley Hotel on October 20th 2001. Click on any of the thumbnails to open a full size picture.

Larry, Colin, Karen Colin Larry Karen, Vicki
Peter, Neil, Dave Jenny, Dave AdvCon Jim, Jan
Ann, Jim John, Neil Doreen, Karen, Edwina Megapoints
Megapoints Dave, Karen, Colin Larry, Sue (me), Jon  

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