CDs, cases and inserts

I can copy and package CDs for you. This service is ideal for people such as therapists who want to distribute CDs to clients to aid with relaxation.

The CD comes with a printed label, packaged in either a single CD case (like a music CD) or a DVD-style wallet. In each case the case will have a printed cover and, optionally, an inner sheet (eg for instructions for use).

There is a basic charge for all the design work then a price per item.

Please note copyright on the recorded material is YOUR responsibility eg if you use background music. I won't copy any CDs that are clearly someone else's copyright.

Prices: Design work £12 - to cover the label, case cover and optional insert.
then £2.25 each in a DVD style case or £1.75 each in a CD case
plus P&P. Due to weight this will be the actual Royal Mail price plus £2.00 for packaging.